We are your sourcing team in China

RunSourcing is your purchasing department in China. We are a team of your company, also your partner, and your close friend. We stand in your position and handle all your purchasing business in China.

About Runsourcing

RunSourcing aims to be your reliable, efficient, free, employed runners!

An increasing number of foreign sellers purchases in China in these years, however, most of them meet some troubles and problems because of the long distance. In order to help those sellers like you, RunSourcing was founded and aimed to reduce the limitation of geography and make International business easier!

We like helping small to medium business or even new importers source good price and quality products in China, guiding them to avoid all kinds of potential importing risks. Plus, we have branches all over the country, no matter you want to buy daily articles,  textile or large machinery, we can meet your need.

We have collected more than 1000  quality factories, suppliers and manufacturers.
To process the purchasing more efficiently w
e made a data center system.

RunSourcing is also a technology company, we have In-depth cooperation with big-data companies like Aliyun, Taobao data analyses system, Alibaba-sourcing center. And use the Amazon cloud service to find and process the products.
It has more than 10000000 products sourcing information in our system and our crawler bots are working in 24 hours.

In the past services, our team has gone to excellent results.

All of the suppliers on Time Delivery     >97%,
Product Qualification Ratio                     > 98.5%.
customer satisfaction                               >95%

Unlike others sourcing agent, We share suppliers information with you,  you can contact them directly. All the communication with suppliers is open and transparent.

RunSourcing represents you in China and always thinking of you.



customer satisfaction





FROM the founder

Hi I’m Anna, I’m the founder of RunSourcing.com

5 years of Alibaba operation experience

During the years I worked in Alibaba, I needed to visit the factories from time to time. So I was very clear about the manufacturers all over the country. I am professional in purchasing channels, quality standards and unit prices of different products. I know what foreign sellers need.

15 years of purchasing experience

After leaving Alibaba, I joined a large foreign procurement company. As a professional purchasing manager, I headed a team responsible for procuring goods and service for customers. Evaluating suppliers, negotiating contracts, reviewing product quality etc… In order to help the client reduce the cost, I constantly propose price reduction plan and supervise material wastage. The customers serviced are all over the world and won the praises from them.

In recent years, with the rapid development of Amazon and other small sellers, the order becomes fragmented. The traditional B2B business models have been very difficult, many small sellers cannot find the befitting suppliers because of poor communication, higher MOQ, uncontrollable delivery date, etc. So many customers asked whether I was willing to be their sourcing agent, they have trusted in me due to the past experience.

At first, I was a little uncertain because it’s a huge project and needed a lot of exploration. But in order to help small sellers complete the business better, also make a profit possible. I founded the RunSourcing together with my elite team!

These team members all have extensive purchasing experience. So in a very short time, I succeed and set up several branches in Shenzhen, Zhejiang, and Guangzhou. More and more customers are ordering from this sourcing service. Now our company is growing like a tree, lots of excellent talents join us and we work like families.

Our mission is to help clients save money! Achieve long-term and win-win cooperation!

Contact Us

How do I start working with you?

1.  Let us know your needs
2. arrange 1 to 1 runner to you and talking details
3. A CMS account for you to track everything.
4. Contact us via online chat, email, or phone at any time.

Can you handle the existing suppliers?

Definitely. Please send specific requests about what you want us to do. We can provide services such us negotiation, order tracking, supplier relationship management, shipping, export assistance, and much more.

What's the payment method?

You can make payment in different ways:

By Bank Wire (T/T)

By Western Union

By PayPal or other payments you want.

Where do you find the suppliers?

Typical channels like Alibaba, Global Sources, Taobao, 1688, Aliexpress, Exhibitions / Fairs, Directories, Industry Clusters, Industry Association and more. Supplier verification and evaluation plays an important role and it's what we will also do for you

What is your relationship with the supplier?

We never take commissions from suppliers. The sourcing and procurement will be 100% transparent. Our purpose is to protect your benefit.
We will try our best to reduce the cost and get the most interests

How can I trust you?

1. Start from small business so you can feel our professionalism
2. We have standardized fees to avoid cheating you through some cleverness.
3. We provide 1v1 service and 30 days money back gureenteed

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