How to be your sourcing runner in China?

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#1 Product Sourcing (Free)

#2 Sample Confirming

#3 Negotiation

#4 Pre-Shipment Inspection

#5 Shipping Arrangement

Shipping Arrangement

Help you handle the Amazon FBA, Oversea warehouse, Express, Air, Sea shipment and SKU labels, package.

Products directly enter overseas warehouses or FBA needs to be processed in advance, including product labeling, package design, repackaging, reducing the size of the goods and ensuring transportation safety. It is not a good choice to let suppliers do these things for you. They are not specializing in this.

You can enjoy RunSourcing shipping arrangement service

Reduce processing time

All exporting procedures such as container loading, customs declaration, shipping etc.. will be arranged by us. Fast delivery time allows you to win greater competitiveness in the market.

Reduce cost

If you using the purchasing service , this service is free. And we can purchase the packages together with cheaper price, professional packaging will reduce the size and weight. Your cost will be significantly reduced

High cost-effective transportation

We have good connections with good shipping agents/forwarders in different locations in China. Your agent can match the right shipping option and channels for you. Shipping by the ocean or by air or other channels would regularly depend on the product category, weight, volume and shipping time request. 

2 months free warehouse

You may purchase different products through different suppliers, you can send the products to our warehouse and send them in a unified way to save costs. We provide 2 mounts free warehouse for you.

Assist in providing import documents

Each country has different customs requirements, and even the platform will require some qualification documents, customs documents, etc. We can assist you with these documents.

Moreover, RunSourcing will let you know what compliance certification you will need for customs clearance. You don’t need to know anything about shipping or importing.

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