We are able to fulfill your various needs and only charge a reasonable fee, we do not earn the intermediate price difference.

We hope to find long-term partners, regardless of the size of your business.


Many customers used to search products from B2B platforms, such as Alibaba and Made in China. However, they always met below problem.

Problems You May Have

  • It cost lost of time and energy to search for several kinds of goods cause there are thousands of suppliers for one product. That will drive you crazy.
  • Most suppliers don’t reply in time or even don’t give answers all the time. Inefficient communication.
  • For lots of products, prices on these platforms are quite high. Because many of them are trading companies, and producers don’t know English or online business.
  • Difficult to ship out products together from different suppliers, which can save lots shipping & import fee.
  • Can’t check product quality before shipping. Not worthy to hire a quality inspection company when the order is small.


Check our solutions

  • You only need to deal with us, we search and contact the suppliers and assist you to choose the best.
  • We promise to send you the quotation within 48 hours once receiving your inquiry.
  • We help you negotiate the best price with the right suppliers. They offer a lower price because we are local and bring them more business.
  • We collect all your products and ship together. You also can use our warehouse for free.
  • We check all products before shipping, handle with suppliers if there’s quality problem. You can save money for quality inspection company.



Recent years many clients buy goods from some of China sourcing agent, who also help sourcing, inspection and arrange shippment. However, they always have such problems.

Problems You May Have

  • All sourcing companies always serve for big amount orders, or high value products. They muddle through work for small orders.
  • Not professional in building materials and different products. Not really understand what customers need.
  • High quoted price, hidden fee, kickback, and bad price negotiation skills with suppliers.
  • Cannot customize the package(unless you have a large order). They are not willing to provide customized services for you.


Check our solutions

  • Our services start based on 10 pcs samples, only $25 you can hire a reliable sourcing team.
  • All members of our service team has at least 5 years working experience in international trade. They have great communication skills.
  • We do best on price negotiation on your behalf. No hidden fee or kickbacks, only service charge as low as 6%. No more fee for product & supplier sourcing.
  • We can provide you OEM & Custom serivce. Free assistance with customizing label and logo.


Maybe you are doing small business in your county, like running a street store, selling on Amazon or website, and don’t import from China directly. You probably have these following problems.

Problems You May Have

  • Order is always small quantity but varieties of products, so you have to buy in local with their small MOQ.
  • Have no experience on sourcing and importing via Internet, and don’t know how to start.
  • Worry about scams, or finding quality problem when products received.
  • Fewer product categories limits the selection and no advantage in purchasing prices.
  • Porduct updates are not timely, resulting in the waste of inventory.


Check our solutions

  • We source products for small business, with minimum order just packaging under 1m³.
  • Just provide us product information. We will offer you several suppliers’ prices, and help manage shipping.
  • We will check products and send you photos before shipping. If there are product problems, we will handle with suppliers.
  • We have massive products for your choices, not only is the products of good quality but also the price is cheap.
  • We will give you the most cutting-edge industry dynamics, so that you are always one step ahead. And the inventory is no longer a problem, it is very likely that the products will be snapped up once arrive.

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