China Factories, Trading Company, and China Sourcing Agents are main type suppliers. It’s hard to find a reliable supplier for your Amazon Business in China. Today we’re going to analyze their advantages and disadvantages to help you importing from China easily.


1. The Advantage And Disadvantage Of The China Supplier: Factories/Trading Company & China Sourcing

After our analysis, we finally concluded that their advantages and disadvantages are as follows:



2. The concrete analysis of the Factories/Trading Company & China Sourcing?

After reading the above table, maybe you are still not familiar with the specific information about China suppliers. Next, we will help you make a concrete analysis:

What’re the China Factories?

China factories are the earliest existence of China suppliers. These suppliers have their own factories. They set up factories, buy machines, hire workers and are at the forefront of production. 


Relatively low prices

China factories know the raw material market very well and produce their own products. The price you can get is relatively low.

More Control

China factories’ quality is easy to control because they are the producers themselves.

Has Own QC

They have own inspectors to check the raw material and every step of the production, ensure can provide the client with good quality products.

Good Product Specialization

The entity that makes a good through a process involving raw materials, components, or assemblies, usually on a large scale with different operations divided among different workers. They are familiar with every step of production.

Great Stability

China has thousands of factories and even more, these China factories vary in sizes. Factories of the same product category may be concentrated in one Chinese city, for example, Guangzhou produces more clothes, Wenzhou produces more shoes and so on. If you choose a factory to produce one style product, it will be very stable, because they have been doing it for many years

Single Product Category

Generally, a factory produces a single type of products, which is related to their machinery and equipment and the professionalism of the workers. Imagine, for example, that the main machine in a textile factory might be a sewing machine. By contrast, the machine for making metal is far more complex and expensive machines. Factories almost always specialize in a particular type of products and materials; In other words, textile factories do not produce stainless steel products the way machinery and technology do.


What’s the trading company?

Trading companies are between customers and factories, playing a coordinating & management role. China trading companies are highly focused on one commodity category and have a strong logistics organization.


MOQ low threshold

Trading companies don’t actually produce anything. Instead, they source a variety of products from one or more factories, often in partnership with multiple factories. So they always can get a relatively low MOQ.

High flexibility

The trading company is an independent company, he is not limited by the machinery, equipment and production technology, that is to say, if this factory is not good, he can change to another one at any time, so the flexibility is very high.

Varied products

Their greatest advantage is that they offer a wide variety of products, they can purchase goods from different suppliers to meet client different requirement.

Fluent English communication

General trading companies have their professional English salesmen, who are responsible for communicating and handling business with foreign businessmen, which makes the work more smoothly

Strong logistics organization

Having worked for many years, they have strong logistics systems for different goods from different countries.

High efficiency

Many trading companies have been specially trained in email reply speed and negotiation ability. Their professionalism and work efficiency are very high. Many Hong Kong trading companies are excellent.

Multi-platform procurement

In their product category, if customers need, they can provide multi-platform procurement.

The wide range of customers

 They are similar to, but not identical to, the foreign distributors or wholesalers. , so their range of customers is very wide.


What’s the China Sourcing Agent?

This is a new type of China supplier. The China sourcing agent is more like the Chinese representative of foreign sellers, helping to solve a series of things importing from China.


Extensive service

The services involved are very extensive. Include market research,  sourcing products/vendor/supplier, price negotiation, quality inspection, quality control, raw materials pre-positioning, shipping and logistics, pre-shipment inspection, customs clearance, etc. This is a service that factories and trading company cannot provide.

Different product categories purchased from multiple platforms

The products purchased by Chinese agents are no longer the products of a single or a single commodity category, but hundreds of products purchased on multiple platforms at the same time. You can purchase on Alibaba, Amazon, 1688, Taobao etc.

Relatively lower price and lower MOQ

China sourcing agent has a strong supply chain system,  as they already cooperated for many years, they can help you get the lower price and lower MOQ. You will gain more competition than your peers.

High efficiency

Sourcing agent has gone through specialized product training, business processing ability training, to be able to deal with customer affairs with high efficiency.

TEM-8 TOP English ability

The salesmen here are usually English majors with excellent English expression and writing skills, they can help you communicate with suppliers smoothly.

In-house inspector

China sourcing agent has their own inspector to help you inspect the samples and production. 

Great Stability

Once you choose a China agent, he will represent you in China and do his best to help you deal with things, the stability is great.

Focus on small and medium-sized sellers

With the development of E-commerce, many sellers of Amazon and eBay do not know how to import from China, as well as face problems such as quality inspection and transportation. China sourcing agents act as intermediaries to help small and medium-sized sellers import from China. 




3. Which One Is Suited For You? A Little Bit Of Advice.

Maybe many people have seen the above advantages and disadvantages, still, have a little fuzzy. Then I will combine the experience, to give you a little experience to share, hope it can help you.

Which one should Choose factories?

If you have been working in a product area for many years, orders are large and regular. Then you need the support from the factory.

Finding a factory for production will be more stable and risk-reduced. Enough capacity to keep your order running smoothly. In addition, the factory can also customize the logo and packaging according to your requirements, and the shipment of FCL can also save more freight.


Which one should Choose trading companies?

If you are a large company and need to purchase a variety of products in the same category, you are suitable for trading companies.

Because they can help you find multiple factories, tracking orders arrange shipment etc. You don’t need to contact the factory individually to follow up on the details. Many trading companies in Hong Kong are excellent and efficient, and they are very clear about the market. Although the price they offer you may be a little higher than the direct price of the factory, but compare to the convenience you get, it is worth it.


Which one should Choose China sourcing agent?

If you are a small or medium-sized business, such as a seller of Amazon, eBay, wish, or even a newbie, you are suitable to choose a China sourcing agent.

Because the China sourcing agent will help to deal with everything imported from China, even if you don’t know anything about China, or you don’t know anything about foreign trade, they will help you deal with it.

As for small and medium-sized business, they are faced with difficulties such as:  inconvenient inspection of goods, lack of logistics companies with appropriate price, difficulty in customized packaging (because many Chinese factories will not customize for small orders) etc., which makes it very difficult for them to import from China and easy to be cheated. If you find a Chinese agent, they will be very simple. Chinese agent will personally help you inspect the goods and help you to find a packaging factory to custom packaging (because they understand the Chinese market, it is very convenient to communicate with suppliers).

As for sellers like Amazon, the difficulty they face is that:  it is very expensive to purchase a variety of products from China, and there is no one to help to the label. If you find a Chinese agent, they support various products purchased from multi-platforms, they have a strong supplier system. In addition, they provide a free warehouse for 2 months to help you check the goods and label them.


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