Rain boots are probably the most important thing that you need in a rainy season along with an umbrella. You can guess, when you live in areas where you have rains most of the time, how important of the rain boots?

They are quite more important as these help you walk in the rain.  However, today you can find various different designs, styles and colors as fashion is growing and you can easily get the shoes of your preference. With people’s great demand for rain boots, many sellers are importing rain shoes from China to gain more competitiveness with their cheaper prices and fashionable designs. Today we will share somehow to import rain boots from China.


  • Different types of rain boots
  • How to find China rain boots supplier
  • The associated product you may need
  • Certification and testing of products
  • How to maintain rain boots?
  • Different packaging of rain boots
  • How can I know the rain boots size fit for me?

Point 1: What are the styles of rain boots?

Rain boots are no longer the traditional rain shoes, heavy and ugly. There are many different materials, unique designs, and suitable for adults and children, as well as people in different fields of working. There are many fashionable and effective rain boots for you to choose from on the market today.

PVC rain boots:

PVC is a type of plastic incorporating vinyl groups. This makes it lighter than rubber and more affordable, but is come with some stiffness in comparison to rubber too. It can be sharp and harsh at the edges, causing discomfort against the skin.

Transparent rain boot High-heeled laces rain boot
Women rain boot PVC safety boot

But, PVC relies on its distinctive transparent characteristic, a lot of manufacturers design many fashionable and good-looking transparent rain boots. Even many foreign customers purchase especially for the T-stage show.

Rubber rain boots:

Rubber is a near completely natural material, made from sap gathered from rubber trees in the tropics. It’s flexible and naturally comfortable, moving with you. This is why rubber is also used for desert boots and is a prized material for other types of soles.

The increased durability of such a material brings a long-term value.

Sex lady rubber boot Natural kids rubber rain boot
Women rain boot wholesale Rubber working boot


EVA rain boots:

EVA, with good chemical stability, aging resistance, ozone resistance. EVA rain shoes are brightly colored, soft and comfortable, with high resilience and toughness.

Fashion eva rain boot Women boots



Point 2:Guide to find fashion rain boots factory

It is important for a seller to select products and develop the market, but it is also important to find a good supplier. It determines whether you can receive the product smoothly and quality is ok. To which I actually have a fairly substantive response. I usually list out the following three options:


A. Do it yourself, from the internet online search

Use a website like Global Sources or Alibaba, which list hundreds of thousands of Chinese manufacturers and do some filtering out of bad actors. But these websites generally work better when the product is a relatively simple and standard product and neither quality nor customization are paramount.

  Search suppliers online, like Global Sources, Alibaba, 1688 etc


B. Do it yourself, fly to China for visiting

Use a website like Global Sources or Alibaba to come up with 1-10 potential suppliers and then get on an airplane and visit them. As for rain boots, suppliers in Zhejiang province are very good at doing this. Visiting factory has the following advantages:

First, it allows you to see the facility of the Chinese manufacturer, that may be making your product and can learn a lot about technology. Second, it allows you to meet the key person or people at the Chinese manufacturer that responsible for your order production. Third, it lets your eventual Chinese manufacturer know that you take your products seriously enough to come to China, to make sure they are made correctly.

                                                   Visit factories in China personally


C. Engage an intermediary (trading company, sourcing agent or factory representative) to conduct this research on your behalf.

This you are going to have to pay for, one way or another. Some of these companies charge you an upfront flat fee for the work. Some charge a percentage. Some charge a set amount for the product and then buy it for less from the manufacturer. There are pluses and minuses to all of the payment methods, but generally, the more you pay early, the less you will pay in total. RunSourcing will provide you sourcing service for free, no upfront fee! Please send us email to let us know your information and which product you want to purchase, RunSourcing will assign a personal agent for you to find 2-3 best price from our strong supply chain system. You will receive the report within 48 hours include suitable suppliers and price comparison table.  Besides, purchasing from multiple platforms is ok, your products categories and quantities will not be limited, we can purchase separately from different platforms you like or our cooperated suppliers. All the service is free, you don’t need to pay anything!


Point 3: What is the associated product of rain boots?

Selling related products at the same time can meet customers’ multiple needs, for example, customers may need raincoat, umbrella or socks at the same time when buying rain shoes. This will increase your exposure and sales. Purchasing multiple products together also can save transportation costs


A. Raincoat

A coat makes the right selection, particularly for kids who don’t seem to be ready to handle an umbrella okay. they only slip it on and that they are dry and stay versatile.

The raincoats supply lots of convenience to those that got to move into the rain however have their hands full. If you have got baggage to hold and can’t free a hand to carry the umbrella up, the coat offers you this convenience. They conjointly prove helpful to bicycle riders too.

                                New fashion transparent raincoat no longer the traditional raincoat 


B. Umbrella

An umbrella is designed to protect you from the rain. Nothing can cause bad hair days or prevent you from getting soaking wet like an umbrella. An umbrella is also designed to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun. The umbrella could be considered the very first sunblock, invented solely to prevent sunburn wrinkles and skin aging.

Umbrellas are also portable, lightweight and easily transportable from place to place, as well as this they are pretty affordable. Of course, prices can vary massively, but for a reliable, durable umbrella it can often be purchased for less than a tenner… A pretty good investment should there be rain forecasted.

                                              Different colors of umbrellas


C. Stylish socks

When you put on a cold rain shoe, a comfortable soft sock can protect your feet from abrasion and keep them warm.

In addition, now you wear various styles &unique design socks on your feet, then put on a pair of transparent fashion rain shoes, or high heel lace rain shoes, is it possible to wear a new pair of shoes every day? Generous and very stylish.

                 New sock new one pair of rain boot



Point 4: What’s the certification and testing requirements for rain boots?

Rain shoes are made of plastic, to make sure the shoes are non-toxic and environmentally friendly,

Even some of them are used to prevent damage at work, so it is important to understand the relevant certification.



CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that are manufactured in, or designed to be sold in, the EEA.

This makes the CE marking recognizable worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the European Economic Area. It is in that sense similar to the FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic devices sold in the United States.



Intertek provides safety and performance certification services to nationally recognized standards for a wide range of electric, gas, and oil-fueled products. These products range from commercial/consumer appliances to HVACR equipment to manufactured wood products.



EN20345 is the standard protection for professional safety footwear.

There is a qualifying test which all safety footwear must pass, after which further tests relating to additional safety aspects of the boot can be tested and certified against.

These will vary depending on the specific requirements for the footwear. See below for an example and explanation of the footwear certification codes.

     Certification is important to ensure quality of rain boot



Point 5: The method that maintains rain shoe

Rain boots is the perfect footwear for rainy walking, outdoor working and farm activities. While they are protecting your feet, it is also important to clean and maintain them.

Cleaning the outside of your boots won’t take much effort and can usually be done with only a garden hose. After cleaning the outside, you may notice the inside needs to be cleaned as well, which can be done with a rag and soap or a white vinegar cleaning solution.


A. Clean outside

Dirty and grime need to be wiped away.  If your boots aren’t especially dirty, you can use a damp cloth to clear boots easily. To prevent dirtiness from building up on your boots, and causing longer cleaning times, it is better for you to do in this way each time.

Use a hose to remove dirtiness. Take your boots to a suitable area in your garden, and use a hose to spray them with water. It may take some time before the dirtiness loosens and comes off.  After most of the dirtiness has been removed, wipe away any that remains with a damp cloth

Please use a brush to clean the soles of your boots. Use caution when using a brush on your boots. Stiff bristle brushes, especially, can do damage to the boots or cause them to discolor. Use a soft bristle scrub brush to prevent damage. Avoid using a brush on the upper parts of the brush.

Please dry your boots in the air. Air drying is the best way to dry rubber boots. Wipe away the moisture from cleaning them as best you can with a clean, dry rag or a hairdryer.

B. Clean inside

Wipe the inside of the boot. Put a clean rag into your cleaning solution. Use this to wipe the inside of each boot. Please do this several times, rinsing your rag regularly in the solution throughout the process

Eliminate bad odors from the inside of your boots. Take a spray bottle and fill it half with white vinegar and half with water. Liberally spray this solution on the inside of the boot. The acid in the vinegar should kill the bacteria and organisms causing the bad odor

C. Maintain your boots

Shield your boots from light. Direct sunlight will cause the rubber of your boots to break down. When you’re not wearing your boots, store them in a paper bag to shield them from the light.


Remove white marks from your boots. In humid or hot weather, yo ur boots may develop white marks or a similar film, which is often called “blooming.” This is caused by compounds in the rubber rising to the surface. This is completely natural and will not harm your boot



Point 6: How about the packing requirements of rain boots?

Different rain shoe packaging brings you a different experience. You can design your own packaging and print your own company logo to make your rain shoes more unique. The packing of rain boots by the factory is generally: 1 pair/polybag, 10 pairs/carton. Below

Now let me introduce several different ways of packing:

Polybag packing

Box Packing

non-woven packing


Point 7: How to choose the right size of rain boots?

Whichever part of the world you stay, rain and snow are likely sometimes a part of life. So it’s important to have a pair of rain shoes that fit you. When buying rain boots, you should definitely consider that they should fit your foot, and it is better to have some space between the heels so that you can wear socks.

  1. Find the right boots. You can buy rain boots at department stores, shoe stores, and women’s boutiques. …
  2. Buy a large size. Choose rain boots one size larger than your normal shoe size. …
  3. Wear double socks. …  Below is women’s rain boots size for your reference.



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