Both large and small businesses carrying out importation of goods all over the world get suppliers scams every day. This is not news since stories about this have been heard before. Herein is how to dispute with Chinese supplier to demand money back.

Many people out there normally will assume that there is no recourse in case they get suppliers scams. Now, suppose you’re an importer and you wire money but unfortunately your supplier doesn’t deliver goods that comply with your quality requirements, what step should you take? 


Suppliers Scams: Quality Dispute

A.Written notice

For commercial disputes that are based on unsatisfactory quality, the importer needs to first send a written notice to the supplier.

B.Consult a statutory quality assurance agency

In case there exist deficiencies that seem to be technical, there is a need for the importer to consult a statutory quality assurance institution or maybe an independent surveyor.

C.Initiate arbitration or litigation

If the goods supplied falls short of the quality feature. A reputable seller should remedy the issue as fast as possible. You should consider starting an arbitration or litigation proceedings basing your issue on breach of contract.

D.Hire a local lawyer if you are a small buyer

It might be too costly for small buyers to engage themselves in legal action abroad. For this kind of situation, it’s when you need to think if simpler follow up methods exist to let you get your money back. Here, engaging a local lawyer to take a preliminary action can be the right thing to think about. The lawyer on your behalf will issue a demand letter to the seller stating of planned legal action in case there is no remedy that would have been provided by a set deadline.

E. Share the fraudulent seller information on importers discussion boards

In case the deadline approaches and there seem to be no action that would have not been taken by the seller, consider moving a step further and write a detailed review of this fraudulent seller and take time to share information on importers discussion boards to give out rest of marketplace with feedback that will be helpful.


Suppliers Scams: Money fraud

A. Call the police

There are some cases you wire out money and unfortunately, the supplier disappears, this is considered outright fraud-money fraud. How can you have your money back under these circumstances? For cases like this, police involvement is the way to go about.

B. Conduct criminal proceedings

Then, engaging the fraudulent seller can be the simplest way for an importer to get money back. Negotiations are made possible and successful in conjunction with the criminal procedure.

C. Rigorous and polite negotiation

All you need to know that the intention of a fraudulent seller is getting away with a crime. It is only police investigation pressure that will be bearing them down would let them consider negotiations. While carrying out negotiations, as an importer you need to have everything in a polite possible manner till everything is sorted in the right possible manner, otherwise, harassing the supplier will be the worst mistake you will do.



There are so many methods you can actually use to have your money back when getting the suppliers scams; all you need to have at the fingertips is the available methods and procedure to go up with them. 

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