Shipping from China to Amazon FBA is a complex process, which tests the comprehensive professional ability. Many e-commerce sellers do not clearly understand it and have made many detours and fallen into countless pits. Today we’re going to talk about 5 things you need to know from China to Amazon FBA.


Shipping from China to Amazon FBA with hot products

When importing, we should choose the products first. It is suggested to choose hot products to shipping from China to Amazon FBA, so as to avoid sluggish inventory and financial pressure in the warehouse. You can consider Amazon hot products from the below points.


1.Understand National characteristics

The first step is to understand a country’s climate. In Britain, there is a heating supply in the room. In winter, they also have coats and t-shirts, so short-sleeved t-shirts are not hard to sell in winter. In addition, there is more rain in Britain, and the products with rainproof function are more popular, such as barbecue rainproof cover and automobile rainproof cover. Europeans and Americans have different personalities. Americans are open-minded and novel products are popular. However, British people tend to be conservative and love classics. For example, the mobile phone case they buy most is a common classic. The Euramerican person like raise buttock, that you can develop a to carry buttock pants for this, the girl of the flat buttock is worn rise to be same sex appeal hot!


2.Analyzing Amazon data 

For example, we found that two of the top ten hot style models in the whole website are mobile phone shells, so we can pay attention to the data of the mobile phone shell industry. Analysis of industry size, overview, to help us better grasp the trend of the industry. Look at the number of competing for mobile phone shell, a total of how many styles, the average sales price for how much. Next, we can take a look at what are the top-selling products in this industry and analyze their commonalities


3.Features of product selection

Relatively high profit (at least 50% of the profit);

Small in size and light in weight (the packaged weight of a single product is less than 2Kg);

Simple and easy to operate (try not to sell products with many functions and complicated operation);

Almost no after-sales repair (not easy to damage, more durable products);

Exquisite and fashionable packaging


TOP 3 options for shipping from China to Amazon FBA

To adopt a good strategy, the most important thing is to control the inventory of shipping from China to Amazon FBA and make a list of stable sales.

Here are 3 options for shipping from China to Amazon FBA:

  • Shipping directly from China to Amazon FBA
  • Shipping to your location then transported to the Amazon warehouse
  • Shipping to middlemen then prepare the goods to the Amazon warehouse


1.Shipping directly from China to Amazon FBA

If you have a mature supply chain and ship directly from China to Amazon FBA, this might be a good idea.

Obviously, you’ll have faster shipping times, which is already a plus, because shipping goods from China to the US or the UK can take a little longer. Delivery times from China have improved, but they are still long. The faster your product gets to the warehouse, the faster you can sell it on Amazon, and the faster you can start making money.


2.Shipping to your location then transported to the Amazon FBA

If you have a strong team and own warehouse, you can ship the goods to your location. You can go to check separately and paste sticky notes, which is undoubtedly much cheaper than sending the goods to the middlemen


3.Shipping to middlemen then prepare the goods to the Amazon FBA

If this is the first shipment you receive from a supplier, in this way you can ship to middlemen to check it or prepare/label it.

In this way, you can avoid any mistake that may lead to the rejection of your goods.


4.Shipping directly VS shipping to middlemen


4 methods of shipping from China to Amazon FBA

China sea freight: It is available for FCL (full container load), LCL (less than container load). The United States is divided port for the West Coast, East Coast, and Gulf Coast. 




China air freight: It comprises a program of scheduled and deferred services from China with coverage via all major airports. Shipping from the airport of Hongkong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen to all international airports in the USA.

China couriers services: It will ship your cargos from China to your US office or home address. And package forwarding service is actually FREE for you. We can get more than 50% discount prices from DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, EMS, but better than their services.

The Dedicated Shipping Line: The door to door services from China to the USA which is DDP shipping. But this shipping channel only receives carton package. Not accept Anti Dumping products and Sensitive products. Amazon businessman like this shipping way: Easy-Cost-Effective.



Shipping from China to Amazon FBA: Overseas warehouse transfer product

In order to meet the goods supply of Amazon FBA more quickly, you can consolidate the goods and ship to an overseas warehouse in advance, It keeps you out of stock and saves you money.


Multi-platform supply

One can be Amazon FBA, and the other can be sold on other platforms and delivered from overseas warehouses. The use of overseas warehouses can meet the needs of multi-platform sales, such as self-established platforms, wish, and many new platforms. 

Generally, there are many options for transferring overseas warehouses to Amazon, such as express delivery without reservation, or trailer delivery.

Replenishment is timely and simple

The flexible and simple way can also be more frequent replenishment and the replenishment time is short.

Customs clearance be settled in advance

Besides, the problem of customs clearance has been solved before the goods arrive at the warehouse. There will be no big problem when the goods are sent from the warehouse to Amazon.


Save cost

Multi-platform supply can be carried out at the same time, which improves the efficiency, increases the sales volume and enables you to maintain more competitiveness, which undoubtedly saves your cost

Price comparison: overseas warehouse allocation < ocean shipping to FBA  <FBA air + delivery < direct express; 

Comparison of delivery time: overseas warehouse allocation < direct delivery <FBA air + shipping <FBA logistics.


Custom clearance shipping from China to Amazon FBA

If you ship from China to amazon warehouse, once your goods arrive in us from China, they will be closer to Amazon warehouse. At this point, you’ll encounter the most important and complex part of the process.

Customs clearance is very complicated, and one mistake may delay the shipment. Therefore, I suggest you find some customs brokers, some American freight forwarders or logistics companies, who can help you to go through the customs legally and professionally.

Outsourcing the tedious customs clearance process can save you not only money but also time and energy for your core business activities.

Before you decide what products to import from China, select a suitable company to help you with customs clearance, and then ship your products from China to Amazon’s FBA.



I hope this article can help you and make your business develop better in the process of importing from China to Amazon. If you have a problem, or in my article, you are not clear about the place? I look forward to hearing from you and I will reply in person.



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