Maybe you are a customer who has imported from China, sold on Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce platforms, or sold in brick-and-mortar stores. Recent troubles and difficulties are causing you headaches, and consider whether you need to hire a Chinese agent. When you are still anxious, we help you to answer the following situations, which shows that you should look for a Chinese sourcing agent.

Here are some of the common situations where a Chinese sourcing agent can help you out.


1. If you are a new seller importing from China.

Importing from any country can be difficult especially if you are making purchases via the internet. You are at a disadvantage since you do not know where to get the best products at the best prices.

As you are a new seller importing from China, you know nothing about this country, exporters from China can take advantage of you by making you pay more than you are supposed to. Now you should hire a Chinese sourcing agent, they will help you a great deal with this. An agent will help you identify the best products at the best prices. The agent will also help you greatly in the importation process.

2. If you own a small business and lack importing experience in the Chinese market.

You might have imported products from other external markets for your small business but you lack experience in the Chinese market. Different markets in different countries do not work in the same way.

For this situation, you might end up losing money in the Chinese may using strategies that do not work there. This will not benefit your small business. Now you should hire a Chinese sourcing agent, they will help you solve this problem. Such an agent is uniquely qualified to transact in the Chinese market. He will help you save a lot of money in a market that you know little about.

3. Your business is booming BUT poor efficiency

The rapid growth of your business has led to a shortage of staff, a lot of things don’t get done right, seriously affected the working efficiency.

Your package takes long to arrive. This is because there is more business and thus, fewer hands to process imports. There are a lot of things like this that directly affect earnings. Now you should hire a Chinese sourcing agent, they will help you with this since he/she will deal specifically with your import package. Besides, Chinese sourcing agent can provide you one-stop service, they can process everything that importing from China, they will help you solve many troubles. You will receive your package in good time.

4. If you want to expand your import market into China.

You might be looking for new places to import products and you have chosen China. However, you are not very clear about the industry and Chinese culture in business, you need a Chinese guide.

You probably have so many questions, but please don’t worry! Now you should hire a Chinese sourcing agent, they will help you answer all of them. A Chinese agent will find you the best products from the best suppliers.

5. Amazon sellers avoiding labeling difficulties.

All Amazon sellers need to put on the correct label to meet the requirements of FBA, but many Chinese suppliers are not clear about how to put on the label, or even mislabeled, causing irreparable losses.

This can lead to delays and increased cost.  Now you should hire a Chinese sourcing agent, they will help you with any labeling issues you might have. Amazon sellers can purchase a variety of products and send them to the warehouse of the Chinese sourcing agent. They will help you arrange labels together without bothering your suppliers.

6. If you have different suppliers & hard to manage

Many sellers need to source multiple products from different platforms, which means you face multiple suppliers, which is difficult to manage and a waste of time and energy.

For example, you need to purchase 4 styles products, each styling product you need to contact 5 suppliers, that means you have to contact with 20 suppliers, this is a very time and energy consuming thing. Besides, it is hard to manage these so many suppliers. Now you should hire a Chinese sourcing agent, they will help you sourcing products and suppliers, and help you choose the best 3 suppliers for your reference, the final decision will be for you. In addition, Chinese sourcing agent will provide you customized services like Supply Chain Management and Supplier Relationship Maintenance. You will save cost and business increase quickly.



The above are just a few situations where a Chinese sourcing agent can help you. A trusty agent can come in handy at any time. Hire a Chinese sourcing agent to ensure that you are always at an advantage. If you have any questions please leave a message to us, we will answer you at the first time.


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