Is a wallet important? Yes~

As wallets become more and more functional, they are now used as a vouch by women. In addition to saving money, wallets are now used to hold bank CARDS, personal and office is, international passports, transit passes, driver’s licenses, business CARDS and more. 

As a result, the demand for it is increasing on all sides. This shows, this trend also expanded market supply. Wallets are being exported and transported in large quantities, and wholesale wallet sales by online marketers, wholesale wallet manufacturers, and wallet suppliers are becoming extremely scarce and insufficient in the global market. Today we are going to discuss how to import leather wallet from China. All the discussions cover the following aspects:


1. What’s the genuine leather wallet?

A wallet is a small, flat case that can be used to carry cash, different cards, photographs and other personal items such as paper or laminated cards. Wallets are usually made of leather or fabric. They are usually pocket-sized, but not always foldable.

A wallet is an integral part of any man’s wardrobe. Generally speaking, a man’s wallet can last 7 to 10 years. During this time, the wallet becomes a close friend. You carry it with you every day. It shapes you, ADAPTS to your hands, takes on its own personality and becomes part of your identity.


2. What kinds of wholesale leather wallet can buy from China?

There is men’s wallets wholesale, there is women’s wallets wholesale; Some are made in China, some are made in Britain, the United States and other Asian and western countries. 

However, no matter what the wallet is made of, what it is used for, or where it comes from, there is a need for a wallet of quality and appropriateness, which is important because, in addition to being used for safety, a wallet also represents a person’s taste and status. RunSourcing is very professional in purses and we have helped hundreds of customers purchase purses from China. We know clearly that different countries and markets need different styles of wallets, as well as the manufacturing process and packaging requirements. I’ll explain more.


2.1 According to the wholesale wallet, users can be divided into

  • Wholesale men’s wallets
  • Wholesale ladies’ wallet
  • Wholesale children’s wallet


2.2 Types of leather wallet

A. Classic Bifold Wallet

It is one of the slimmest wallet designs. This is a simple design that allows you to easily access your credit card and cash just by lifting the flap.


B. Classic Trifold Wallet

Ideal for men, the three-fold purse is also a classic novelty because it has many enclosed areas


C. Wholesale Slim Wallet

This new hybrid ultra-thin wallet is starting to take its place in the wholesale market for men’s wallets. The reason is simple: compact, polycarbonate body, low profile design and silicone tape fixation.


D. Money Clip Wallet

This is fashionable because it shrinks the contents of the pocket.


E. Women’s flip Wallet

This wallet has the large cars slot and it’s easy to put the bill in as long as you open the lid of your wallet.


F. Women zipper Wallet

Ladies zipper wallet is divided into single zipper and double zipper.


Below pictures for your reference:  
Classic Bifold Wallet Classic Trifold Wallet
Money Clip Wallet Wholesale Slim Wallet
Women flip Wallet Women Zipper Wallet

                                                                            Any styles of genuine leather wallet you want to buy?


2.3 Material of leather wallet

A. Full Grain Leather Wallet

Full-grain means it has been made of the outermost layer of the skin. Full grain leathers are the most natural as they are not sanded or processed, meaning they retain their natural beauty and all the original markings of the hide.

A full grain leather wallet offers reliability, durability, strength, and a great appearance, as well as a mark of class.


B. Top Grain Leather Wallet

Unlike full grain leather wallets, top grain is subject to some sanding and processing, meaning they lose their natural markings.

However, they are still made from the outermost layer of the hide. This type of leather can be modified to look like the skin of different animals such as an alligator, and they also boast durability and strength just like full-grain wallets. This might be a good option if you are looking for something a little more unique, but of good-quality and lasting materials.

                       The difference between Full GRAIN and TOP GRAIN


C. Nappa Leather Wallet

A Napa wallet is a full grain leather wallet that appears and feels soft and supple. These wallets are most often dyed various colors and can be found retailing with more high-end brands, meaning they are at the highest price range when it comes to leather wallets.  

However, they are well worth the investment and make a sophisticated statement accessory.


3. Where can you find the wholesale leather goods supplier in China?

If you don’t know where to find your wallet yet, Chinese brands are one of your best choices. There are lots of money clips in China, and they are all wholesale prices. Whether you are wholesaling cheap leather purses, fashion items or other fashion accessories, you will get what you want from China.


3.1 On-line

You can search online for wallet vendors. Now there are many platforms for you to choose from, for example,  Alibaba, AliExpress, DHgate or ChinaBag888. needs no introduction. But the uniqueness of their services in the production and supply of wholesale wallets is amazing. Currently, offers over 1,109 wallet lining fabric products, 31% of which are other fabric, with 21% comprising 100% polyester fabric, while 19% are wallets.

            Search online for wallet vendors, there are many platforms


3.2 Off-line

Guangzhou & Dongguan

Guangzhou is the main production base of leather goods, clothing, and luggage. Some inexpensive outdoor skin care products and quick-drying clothes are also favored by overseas consumers.

 You can buy many kinds of leather goods         



Wenzhou Zhejiang province that concentrated so many manufacturers that makes shoes & leather accessories, the leather product you can refer to here.

Do you need to visit these factories on the spot?  We can accompany you! Help you communicate with the supplier,  negotiate the most suitable price and inspection products. Runsourcing China agent will provide you the service of purchasing management.


Yiwu: Most categories of leather goods

Yiwu has the world’s largest wholesale market, where you can buy the most leather products. Many Chinese and foreigners think the products in Yiwu market are of poor quality. That’s not true at all.

But not all of these suppliers are real factories, many of the middlemen or trading companies. So, when you talk to suppliers, you can determine whether they are factories or middlemen by comparing the prices of their products with what they know about them.


3.3 Exhibition

APLF Leather & Materials+

Int’l Fair for Innovations in Leather and Fashion Materials

  1. Mar – 15.Mar 2019, Hongkong, China


The Travel Goods Show

The Int’l Travelgoods, Leather and Accessories Show

  1. Mar – 28.Mar  2019, Las Vegas, USA


Shoes & Leather

Int’l Exhibition on Shoes and Leather Industry

  1. May – 31.May  2019, Guangzhou, China


Shanghai Int’l Bags and Luggages Exhibition

  1. Jul – 12.Jul, 2019, Shanghai, China



Canton Fair

Time:2018/10/31-11/4 (Phase 3)

Location:380 jiangzhong road, zhuhai district, Guangzhou

Although Canton fair isn’t a professional leathergoods exhibition, there are also leather products, you can definitely find some good products and suppliers.

                                                                       APLF Leather & Materials+



4. How to Choose a good genuine leather wallet?

4.1 High-Quality Leather

Good leather is like good wine. Over time, its variety and age are very rich. It’s elegant.

High-quality leather is full grain leather, which has not been polished and thus retains its strength and characteristics. Cheap leather is often coated with resins or polyurethane chemicals to make it look “high quality” and improve its durability. Don’t be fooled! Full grain leather does not need these. It will continue gracefully for decades, and over time it will take on more and more features.

                                          High-quality leather is full grain leather


4.2 Care Little Details

Good leather also has wrinkles. These crimp angles are small creases made by hand. There is no way to mechanize this, it takes a skilled craftsman or a woman craftsman to do it. But the result is a stronger, more refined wallet.

When you need to carry extra cash, important shopping lists, borrowed keys, or other items, a good wallet needs room to grow. Therefore, the wallet needs to have a triangle in the center that allows the right amount of expansion without compromising the form.

Another detail to the wallet is the small crease in the opening of the pocket. The crease was painted on the leather with a hot iron, which took extra time but added a subtle and important detail to the inside of the wallet. This crease helps your fingers find pockets easily and quickly, otherwise, the pockets will get mixed up with the rest of the bag.

                 Small details show the craft of the purse


4.3 Good organizational structure

The best leather purses are well organized. They store your things well and provide quick and easy access to items.

No one wants to spend a lot of time digging into their wallet every time when they have to pay.

                                  good organizational structure


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