Many Amazon sellers choose to send goods to Amazon FBA in order to increase their competitiveness and deliver goods to customers more quickly. But the shipping cost from China to Amazon FBA is a headache, how to reduce the shipping cost?

There are different ways you can save your money when making the shipment. First, you need to assess the type of goods you would like to ship. If they are bulky, then you may have to opt for sea shipping method. For the case where the products are light and they need to be shipped fast, then you can opt for the air shipping methods. Before you decide on a given method, you should ensure it is the most ideal method you can apply to ship the items. Some of the ways you can save shipping cost include the following:


Consolidate goods when shipping by sea

If you would like to ship by sea to Amazon FBA, then you need to look for a big container and consolidate all the items.

When items are shipped by sea, you tend to pay more if you have them in different packages. Try to put the items in a single box before you proceed to ship them. Try to pack as many items in the container as possible because the freight service providers will charge by the container. If you can pack several items in a single container, then you can end up saving a lot on the shipping cost.


Ship in multiple small boxes when shipping by air

If you would like to ship by air to Amazon FBA, then you need to make them appear smaller.

You can have them in small boxes before you can ship. The airline will start charging you after the items exceed a given weight. In order to stay within the weight limit, you can have the items in several small boxes. You should as well check on the terms of the operation of a given airline. There are some airlines which can charge you fair prices hence you can use them and save on your shipping cost. You will have to invest in more boxes but the method can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.


Choose the best express shipping company

There are several express shipping companies you can use to ship your items to Amazon FBA. Try to compare the different service providers so that you can locate one who will enable you to save on the shipping cost. We recommend UPS and FedEx express to you. Below is for your reference, tips using UPS form Amazon FBA shipping.


Different shipping companies will end to have their set rates, go over the rates in the different companies from where you can know the best whom you can work with and still save your money in the process. There are also different express shipping packages which can be charged at different rates. For example, Other couriers may offer you lower prices, but in terms of overall service, UPS and FedEx are more competitive. Because you will help to provide you with a complete customs clearance process, they will help you out of all the trouble, and these services are based on a reasonable price. For a small seller, you need such a partner.

Besides, there are some service providers who will charge high rates for same day delivery. If the items are not urgent, you can choose a slow shipping package which will cost less hence save on the shipping cost. You need to look for ways you can save on the shipping cost so that you can easily price the products at the most attractive prices which will make many people prefer buying from you.



Whether you choose the shipping by sea, the shipping by air or express shipping, if you are new to purchasing from China and lack of experience, or you are a small or medium-sized seller who wants to reduce the shipping cost to Amazon FBA, or your company is expanding and lacks manpower, you can choose RunSourcing. We are the leader of the Chinese agency.

We have been working for many years, and we have long-term cooperation with a freight forwarding company, which can give you a discount price, and we help solve all the problems of importing from China. Only $25, we can start the first cooperation!  [email protected]


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