From this article, you will learn the whole process of wholesale bags from China, and the points you must pay attention to. This will make your China wholesale bags more smooth, convenient and cost-effective. China is known for manufacturing a variety of products ranging from dresses to electronic gadgets. China produces bags with low price and last longing quality.

Different Types of bags that You Can Do China wholesale 

The first step to do a good China wholesale bags is to choose good products. You will sourcing different styles of bags from China, below are the popular ones listed for your reference. 

1. China Wholesale Travel Bags 
China wholesale travel bags that are most suitable for travel. The types of travel bags available are Leather Tote bags, Polyester Duffle bags, Microfiber sports travel bag, Polyester weekend travel bag, Foldable Nylon duffle bag, Shiny PVC travel bags, and so on. 

Supplier name: Hangzhou Travelsky Co., Ltd.

Address: Rm 701 Chengzhongxing Building 2, Xixi Chengyuan 558 Wenyi West Road, Hangzhou, China 310030

2. Wholesale Beach Bags China
Beach bags are suitable for beach trips. They are produced with good quality fiber and materials that can sustain salty air and is waterproof. The types of beach bags are unisex jute beach bags, handwoven straw beach bags, tote beach bags, printed cotton canvas beach bags and so on.

Supplier name: Shenzhen Kingstar Bags And Cases Co., Ltd.

Address: Floor 3, No. 113-1, Hongmian 2nd road, Henggang Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, China.


3. Wholesale Canvas Bags China
Canvas Bags are suitable for shopping and to carry handy items. In China, one can get canvas bags made of different materials. They are organic cotton canvas bags, logo printed bags, shoulder bags, canvas tote bags, striped canvas bags, and so on.

Supplier name: Wenzhou Charming Gifts & Crafts Co., Ltd.  

Address: Floor 2, Bldg. 2, No. 308, Nanchang Road, Cangnan County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

4. Wholesale Gift Bags China
Gift bags carry elegance and style. China produces fine gift bags that are suitable for any event. Logo designed gift bags, handmade paper bags, Christmas paper bags, glittery paper, color printed bags are some of the models of wholesale gift bags in China.

Supplier name: Yiwu Shenghua Printing Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 520, Tongshan Road, Yiting Town, Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

5. Wholesale leather bags china
Leather handbags produced in China are stylish and gives a luxurious look. Some of the varieties are leather ladies handbag, leather cosmetic bag, leather tote travel bags, PVC-leather handbags, leather crossbody bags, and so on.

Supplier name: Wenzhou HEC Fashion International Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 125, Kuocang East Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Where most China wholesale bags factories are located

Some products have special production bases in China, there is a large concentration of direct wholesale bags factories.

If you are in China on business, you can visit these suppliers directly and talk with them face to face to get the most competitive prices and payment terms. In case you don’t know Chinese, you can choose a Chinese translator as your guide to accompany you to visit the factory and the interpreter. Your China agent will provide you purchasing management services.

1. Huadu District, Guangdong province the production base of China wholesale bags
Huadu district is located in the north of Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province of China. Shiling town of Huadu district is also called as the leather city of China. Shilling plays a major role in the leather market in China.

It acts as a production base of wholesale bags as it covers an area of more than 700mu. People from around 20 countries buy whole bags from here.

2.Baigou town, Hebei province the production capital of China wholesale bags
Baigou town is located in Hebei province. Baigou is known as Hebei province’s bags and suitcases export base. It has 153 large-scale bag and suitcase enterprises within it.

It also gives place to 1800 individual processing enterprise proving it to be the production capital of China wholesale bags. The bags produced here are exported all over the world.

How to find China wholesale bags factories or suppliers

The ways to find the legitimate supplier is given below
1. One has to verify the supplier’s contact details. A genuine supplier would have updated their contact details like name, phone number and mail id on their website.
2. Contact their other clients to know if they are reliable.
3. You can make a sample purchase to check their product quality.
4. You can also verify the supplier’s customer service by making a query and checking their speed of response. If you find them responding slow and not giving proper information, you need to check with the next supplier.

If you want to find the exact supplier, you can use these methods listed for your reference.


China wholesale bags online
China Wholesale bags can be purchased online. There are sites which offer reliable goods at reasonable prices. They also have good customer services and speed delivery services.

China wholesale bags market
The well-known wholesale bags market in China are as follows

1.Leatherware wholesale market in Guihuagang, Guangzhou
The largest and the high-ranked bags and cases among the wholesale market in the world are found here.

2. Wholesale Market of Leather in Baigou, Hebei.
The largest wholesale market of leather products and small commodities in the northern China region.

3. Leather Wholesale Market in Yiwu Zhejiang
The largest wholesale market and famous small commodities wholesale market among eastern China.

4. Nantai Wholesale Market of Leather Bags in Liaoning
The biggest leather products market in northeast China.

5. Leather Wholesale Market in Hehuachi SiChuang
An important wholesale business spot of western China for wholesale bags and cases.

China wholesale bags exhibition
China conducts wholesale bags exhibition in various places. These exhibitions display the best and top-brands of bags in China. Variety of stalls are kept to exhibit the quality products that are exported to different parts of the world. Such as the Canton Fair, APLF fair.

Common mistakes and difficulties of wholesale bags from China

1.Copyright issues related to wholesale bags from China
Lanham Act of the US prohibits selling bags which replicate, logos and design from a reputed brand. The law states that is illegal to replicate a brand’s identity and reseller would be punished severely.

2.Fake leather in Wholesale bags in China
There are chances that wholesale bags containing fake leather can be sold in the markets. One has to be careful and know the tricks to find real leather.
Real leather will
•Wrinkle like skin when compressed or pressed for long.
•Absorbs water. You can check it by putting a drop of water and see it absorbed within a few seconds.
•Have imperfect edges.

Certifications for China wholesale bags to Your Country

1.CE certification
CE marking is done for confirming health, safety, and environmental protection standards of a product within the European Economic Area (EEA). It can also be found on products sold outside EEA.

2.GTT certification to test the leather colorfastness
This test is done to confirm any friction damage or surface color change in the leather bags.


How to label and package your wholesale bags?

1.Box Packing
Box packing for bags is done by packing the bag in a plastic bag acting as the first layer and another plastic bag as the second while placing them in a box. H-shaped tapping is suitable for bags.

2.Polybag packing
The usage of plastic or polybag to pack the bag is called polybag packing. This method is a common packing method for bags.

3.Amazon label requirements
The barcodes for Amazon delivery are supposed to be printed in black ink on white, and the labels should be non-reflective labels with removable adhesive.

The shipment to deliver wholesale bags from China to your country

Finding the most cost-effective shipping way that means saving money and time. You can choose 3 ways to deliver wholesale bags from China to your country, according to the quantities of your cargo.

If your package is between 1-1000lb of weight, then express cargo method is suitable. Delivery can be expected between 4-7 days.

2.Air freight
This cargo method is suitable for packages that are more than 1000lbs. The delivery would be done within 4-7 days.

3.Sea Freight
Sea Fright is suitable for large packages that are more than 2CBM. As the package is large, the delivery can be expected between 25-45 days.



Hope this China wholesale bags article can help you do better in importing from China. But if you need any help please contact us!


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