If you are planning to import from China and hire a China agent, you may be unclear about many details, purchasing procedures and specific services. Here is the most complete knowledge about China sourcing agent, I believe that these doubts will be solved in this article. Here are 8 points in total, I will tell you everything about the agent in China one by one.


What is a sourcing agent?

China agent is an intermediary to help customers complete Chinese procurement. They can help customers to take charge of the whole procurement process and provide one-stop service. The China sourcing agent can provide a transparent factory price to the customer, while they only charge a little handling charge.

Of course, in China, there are also many China agents who also take the factory commission, so when you choose the sourcing agent, you should to carefully investigate and choose a reliable procurement company.

What does the sourcing agent do?

The China sourcing agent can help you deal with all matters of purchasing in China, even if you do not know any foreign trade process, you can successfully complete the Chinese business. 

1. Sourcing products & suppliers

China sourcing agent can help you find the most suitable suppliers from the strong supply chain system, to help you find the right China suppliers.

Besides, no matter which styles products you need, they always can meet your requirements.

2. Negotiation

The reliable China sourcing agent “RunSourcing“, will help you negotiate the lower MOQ, reduce the unit price, customized packing and speed up delivery time.

3. Quality inspection

Your China agent will inspect your samples and bulk production, that you don’t have to go to China to test the quality yourself.

Especially for the samples confirming, if there are 10 pieces samples, your agent will help you inspect firstly. If your agent found the sample was bad quality, he will let you know and remove it, instead of wasting your shipping cost.

4. Combination packaging

No matter how many types of products you have and from how many suppliers, your China sourcing agent can help you combinate packaging and ship them together, helping you save shipping cost.

5. Arranging shipment

All exporting procedures such as container loading, customs declaration, shipping and so on, will be arranged by your sourcing agent.

6. Early stocking in peak season

Your agent will help you prepare the goods in advance and keep up with your sales.

Especially for Amazon sellers, early stocking in peak season is very importing to them, once out of stock, will directly affect the sales and site ranking. But this service, the factory, and the foreign trading company cannot complete, and the China agent can help you solve this problem. “RunSourcing” will provide you 30 days warehouse for free.

7. Returns & Refunds

If your sourcing agent found the samples were bad quality or if you don’t need these samples anymore, they can help you return them, to save your money.


When to hire a China sourcing agent?

The role of China sourcing agent in foreign trade is so important, but many customers do not know when to choose, resulting in a lot of trouble and has some loss.

If you are in one of the following situations, you will need to hire a China agent.

  • If you are a new seller importing from China
  • If you own a small business and lack importing experience in the Chinese market
  • Your business is booming BUT poor efficiency
  • If you want to expand your import market into China
  • Amazon sellers avoiding labeling difficulties
  • If you have different suppliers & hard to manage

More details please visit our article: When you should hire a sourcing agent.


What are the advantages/benefits of hiring a China sourcing agent?

Working with a China sourcing agent will simplify your purchasing process and save you time and effort. It allows you to focus on developing the market.

“RunSourcing” can bring more benefits like below:

  • Transparent supplier information
  • 2 months free warehouse 
  • Professional CMS system
  • Lower Price threshold
  • Assist in providing import documents
  • Reduce processing time

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What’s the most simple and fastest China sourcing agent?

To choose a good China sourcing agent, we need to know the standard of a simple and fast agent. They must have the following factors:

China Sourcing agent Details services
Understand the China market Even if you don’t know the China market, China agents can use their strengths to help you arrange all your purchases to save time.
Find the directly China manufactures in the shortest time Chinese agent absolutely doesn’t need a too long time before they can lead you to the best manufacturer. Please note that there are direct manufacturers provided for you.
Negotiate the lower price Chinese sourcing agent always can negotiate the lower price to you and help you save more cost, this is very important in business.
Sourcing various products on multi-platforms Even if you have 20 suppliers need to contact, China sourcing agent will help you deal with them and sourcing products on multi-platforms, like 1688, Alibaba, Made-in-China, etc.


How to find a trusted sourcing agent in China

Not only to find a China sourcing agent, I believe that the vast majority of customers are the need for a trustworthy, reliable Chinese agent.

The tips of a trusted sourcing agent should be:

  • They should be fluent in Chinese Mandarin language and English
  • Proficient in business culture and the knowledge related to it
  • Managing of the suppliers in China
  • Experience in the sourcing process
  • Experience in Quality controlling process
  • Also provides an experienced person in Audit as well as in Logistics


How much does the China sourcing agent charge for inspection and sample confirming?

Many sourcing agents in China charge the commission rate on every order. Maybe 1% to 5% depending on your order amount. Some agents also charge a yearly commission rate. Like $100 to $1000 every year. Actually, there is also an MOQ requirement, If you only need to order the inspection or sample confirming services?

“RunSourcing”, In order to meet the needs of more customers, two charging schemes have been developed. Only $25, you can finish the samples confirming and samples inspection. Concerning the inspection of bulk production, the service charge please contact us to discuss further. [email protected]



China sourcing agent VS trading company

Foreign customers who want to transfer their procurement from foreign trading companies to China sourcing agent, they must want to know the difference between the two. In addition to getting better service, they also want to avoid being trapped and having less trouble.

To be exact, China agents and foreign trading companies have their own characteristics and service targets. The details differences we will show you as below picture.




China agent is an emerging industry. It will help many small and medium-sized customers to complete the whole procurement process in China, bringing good news to those sellers who has no China importing experience, which is also a trend.

If you are one of the sellers, I think you should consider this service to increase your competitiveness. But not affect your market development and growth performance, because of some trivial procedures and piles of mail.



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