If you are a hotel owner, all you have to do is make your customers comfortable in your hotel. In addition to the hotel’s satisfactory service, there are hotel supplies also need to be comfortable and good quality. How and where are these products sourced? The answer is China, we will show you, how to wholesale hotel suppliers from China.

Why should you order hotel supplies in wholesale from China?

As a hotel owner, you’re tasked with many things You manage books of accounts and you’re responsible for getting new clients. When starting a hotel, cash flow is ever tight. Most hotel owners procure their hotel supplies from China and in wholesale. Buying in bulk is, without doubt, one of the most effective cost-cutting strategies. Here are two reasons as to why you should buy wholesale hotel supplies from China.

1. It is economical
Hotel supplies manufacturers will often give you discounts when you purchase in bulk. These companies are able to offer huge discounts to customers who buy in bulk as there are lower handling costs. Let’s look at canned tomatoes for instance. A company in China would be willing to sell more pieces to a wholesale customer at a discount as it would cut on packing costs.

2. You save time

Imagine having to ring up your supplier every time you need supplies. It would be a huge waste of time (and money), right? When you replenish your hotel stock all at once, you save more time compared to when buying an item at a time. Instead of spending time looking around for promotional offers, you will be spending this time focusing on growing your hotel. Look at any large hotel chain near you. Chances are they’re ordering their hotel supplies in wholesale straight from China.

How do you find hotel supplies manufacturers in China?

1. Search for them Online
The biggest advantage of finding hotel supplies manufactures through the internet is that you get to hear what other people think of them. The internet is huge and you’re better off starting your search through Google or from directories. You could also join a few cooking-related forums and seek referrals from there

2. Major Wholesale Markets
Think of the likes of Yiwu & Guangzhou wholesale market. There are many reliable supplies on these wholesale markets and you will benefit most by comparing their offers.

What’re the most popular wholesale markets in Yiwu & Guangzhou?

3. Famous Trade Shows
How many times have you visited a local trade export? Foreign investor often rent booths where they advertise their products. Visit a famous tradeshow Nd you will surely find a suitable wholesaler based in China.

Challenges you may encounter importing hotel supplies from China

The biggest challenge you will encounter when ordering hotel supplies from China is that sometimes goods delivered aren’t as advertised. Manufactures sometimes provide lower quality supplies compared to what you were expecting. You can overcome this challenge by asking for samples first before going large on our orders. Shipment delays used to be common in the past but ships rarely delay these days.

Concerning this situation, we suggest you order a China sourcing agent, they can help you inspect the goods and arrange the shipment. Yan can receive the goods as what you wanted.

Certifications for Importing hotel supplies to Your Country

According to the FDA, hotel supplies such as fabric clothes, kitchen equipment, and ceramic dishes can only be imported if they comply with the local quality standards.


Four Things to Know about Wholesale hotel supplies Suppliers in China

1. They are familiar with the hotel supplies they sell
Manufacturers know what hotel supplies you need and how they’re used. When designing hotel supplies, they have the end product in mind. This helps them source the right quality materials. Ask for product specifications before making an order

2. They offer excellent communication
Online communication is two-way, you have to ask questions for them to provide answers. Whenever you’re confused, ask for photos and illustrations of products. They will ensure that there is no mix-up possibly out of communication barriers

3. They work within your budget
More often than not, the suppliers will offer bulk discounts when you’re shopping for hotel supplies for discounts. This way, you get more value for your money

4. They make great working relationships
When you establish a healthy communication channel, they will be updating you on how your order is progressing. Maintain a healthy work relationship and you will benefit from the seamless communication.



If you want to buy better and cheaper products in China, choose a China agent and they will let you get more competitive prices and different customized services.

Hopefully this article has helped you in some ways, if you need any helps, please leave a comments or send email to us. [email protected]


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