If you are a new seller and need to wholesale party balloons from China, I think this article will definitely help you. Better master the procurement process and avoid risks is to save costs and gain profits. Following we will explain them to you, how to wholesale party balloon from China?


1. What’s the most popular styles party balloon in China

The most popular type of party balloon is a latex one.

These balloons are oval in shape and are typically made out of recyclable latex. They are easily customizable by screen printing logo, text or pictures. Latex balloons are also very flexible and can be inflated by either helium or oxygen.

2. The Normal Price of Wholesale party balloon

The normal price of a simple wholesale party balloon is between $0.02 – $0.05 per balloon for orders over 1,000 pieces. For a themed 3D balloon the price is $2.50 for orders over 100 pieces. A “happy birthday” balloon chain costs on average $4 for orders over 1,000 pieces.


If you decide to wholesale party ballon, the profit you may get:

First, we randomly selected a set of party balloons from Alibaba for $2.16. The same set of balloons sold for $10.9 in Amazon. We then did the simple math of subtracting the cost of the product from the selling price as shown below.

10.9-2.16=8.74 dollars in profit

We then used the Unicorn smasherg tool to see the average monthly sales of this product which we found to be about 7394. So basically this gives us monthly returns of 8.74*7394=67623.56 dollars.

Therefore, the profits of party balloons are quite good even after deducting the transportation and packaging costs.

In addition, the sales of party balloons in most stores were relatively stable. This shows that party balloons are in high demand and have high profits.


3. Where will you find party balloon manufacturers in China?

The best way of finding wholesale manufacturers in China is online.

Wholesale party balloon online: There is a big variety of different websites that sell party balloons in bulk. Websites such as alibaba.com, globalsources.com, and hktdc.com have a great choice of products including a wide variety of party supplies and party balloons.

Buying party balloons through an offline wholesale market: Wholesale market is another popular way of getting a great deal on this party supply.
The first commercial wholesale market in China can be found in Guangzhou. Here, you can find here high-quality products with wholesale pricing from sellers from all around the world. You can check the article: 

What’re the most popular wholesale markets in Yiwu & Guangzhou?

Sourcing party balloon on exhibition: Last but not least, you can find party balloons manufacturers on different trade shows across China. Canton Fair – the largest trade show, is having its 125th anniversary this year and is considered to be the world of business opportunities.
The typical buyer turnover is approximately 204,000 per session. This year there are two sessions – spring (April and May) and fall ( October and November).

If you are going to attend Canton fair, you can read our exhibition guide: 

2019 China Canton Fair:The Ultimate Guide to Attending the Canton Fair

Another great opportunity for selling party balloons at a trade show is at the Yiwu commodity fair. This trade show has been running for 25 years now and accommodates 25,000 exhibitors with a buyer turnover being about 200,000 out of which 24,000 are international.

4. Common Mistakes of party balloon Importers

One of the most common mistakes party balloon importers do is not familiarizing themselves with the import regulations of the desired country. This can lead to increased costs to the importer or to even denial of entry to the country.

Another mistake importers do is not price-matching its product to the desired country’s standards.

This will lead to two situations with the same outcome. Either the price will be too low and the manufacturer won’t earn enough money to cover the costs or the price will be too high and the buyer will choose a different product for a more reasonable price. Either way, the outcome will be the same – the importer won’t succeed.


5. Certifications for Importing party balloon to your country

In most cases, no license is needed when importing goods to the United States. However, for some goods being imported a special license, permit or certification may be needed. That’s why it is always best to check the requirements of federal agencies, which can be found here: 

This work is so complex, you shouldn’t to worry about this problem, just leave the task to your “RunSourcing”, they can help you solve all the troubles.


6. One Special party balloon You Have Never Heard About

The ones I love the most are the “Russian doll” balloons. You pop one and there is another balloon inside or glitters or confetti. If you’ve heard of it before?



Low cost and high-profit products are always accompanied by certain market risks.

Therefore, if you want to reduce market risk, the first thing you must do is to find a reliable supplier to provide you with high-quality products at the lowest price. This can help you reduce the cost of the purchasing and other risks that may come with it. At the same time, purchasing from China is a complicated and time-consuming thing. You can completely entrust it to the China agent.

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