You must have seen many Chinese wholesale websites and companies list, you are searching for the best and trusted Chinese wholesale companies. Therefore, this is the purpose of my selection of the top 5 Chinese websites, to help you save time and better purchase.


1.Popular Online China Wholesale Website

1.1 Alibaba

headquarters: Hangzhou, China

Alibaba is located at Hangzhou, China. As the world’s largest b2b procurement portal, “Alibaba” has become a synonym for Chinese procurement. Since 1999, Alibaba has been serving the world with its excellent wholesale products. It’s usually the first site that people search for products, not without good reason, and it lists a very comprehensive range of vendors and products.

They sell about 40 major product categories, get products from multiple wholesale suppliers and sell to millions of buyers. In our previous article, we have shared how to find suppliers from Alibaba. You can refer to it and hope it can help you to sourcing supplier.


1.2 Aliexpress


headquarters: Hangzhou, China

Aliexpress is a platform launched by Alibaba group in 2010 for Chinese companies to sell goods to foreign consumers. It was launched as a B2C website. The products are mainly provided by sub-suppliers in China, so there are millions of products.

It is one of the best wholesale websites in China, providing wholesale and distribution services. They provide a wide range of products from fashion, houseware, garden ware to electronics. AliExpress is well known abroad, many foreign customers purchase goods from here.

Alibaba Group


1.3 Dhgate


Headquarters: Beijing, China

Dhgate is a large wholesale market where different sellers can list their products. This allows others to buy from smaller producers. The website was founded in 2004 under the slogan “Buy Globally. Sales Globally”. Dhgate is the first website in China to provide B2B online transactions for small and medium-sized enterprises. It takes the commission system, free of registration fees, only after successful transactions between buyers and sellers charge fees. According to data from the Paypal trading platform, Dhgate is the No. 1 E-commerce site in central Asia and the No. 6 E-commerce site in the world in terms of online foreign trade transactions, with 10 billion transactions in 2011.

There are many choices on the website, such as electronic products, accessories, cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, toys and so on. One prominent feature is their payment processing system, which transfers payments to the seller only after the buyer confirms receipt of the goods.


1.4 Banggood


headquarters: Guangzhou, China

Bangood was founded in 2006, has shifted its sales from computers and technology to international E-commerce services. It is a B2C platform focusing on electronics, robotics, mobile phones and accessories, and operated by the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong in conjunction with overseas warehouses to help global buyers.

Their name stands for their motto — value for money. If you want to buy in bulk, then be sure to go to their wholesale plan, as it will tell you the exclusive price. You can also get individual samples from their website.


1.5 1688


headquarters: Hangzhou, China

1688 is the Chinese language version of, you can find so many China wholesale suppliers. 1688 takes wholesale and procurement business as the core, improves customer experience through professional operation, and comprehensively optimizes the business model of enterprise E-commerce. At present, 1688 has covered 16 industry categories, including raw materials, industrial products, clothing and apparel, household goods, small commodities, etc., providing a series of supply services from raw materials procurement — production and processing — spot wholesale.

 On April 12, 2018, 1688 Summit held in Guangzhou, the first anniversary of its launch, 1688, disclosed the transcripts for the first time: by the end of March, nearly half a million small and medium-sized enterprises through 1688 E-commerce platform, to provide services for AliExpress, Amazon, Wish, eBay, lazada platform, it has covered the world 220 countries and regions.


2. Can I wholesale clothes from AliExpress?

Yes, you can. Aliexpress’s main strength is in clothing, where you can find a wide variety of clothes at affordable prices


3. Where can I wholesale toys from China?

You can purchase China toys from Alibaba. Please enter keywords in your search box like below pictures, you will get so many China wholesale suppliers. We have discussed in others article how to get in touch with these suppliers, you can have a look.


4. If I can purchase from 1688 to get lower products unit price? I dont know Chinese.

Yes, of course, The products of 1688 are diversified and affordable, there are many China suppliers in it, most of them are factories, you will gain greater competitiveness. If you want China wholesale, you can call us, we can help you sourcing products from FREE!



The wholesale sites listed here hope to help you. If you need to purchase please contact us. Maybe some people doubt “you could not free, It’s too strange cannot trust”, but we want to tell you is that we are a professional Chinese agent, sourcing service is really free of charge. Only after you get the satisfactory supplier, and need further order to arrange the inspection, shipment time… we just need a little fee. More details you can check.