Purchasing agents are generally in developing countries, such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand. They use their strengths to help developed countries source products and find suppliers to save costs. Today we are going to talk about the salary of the purchasing agent in Asia 4 countries.


1.The salary of the purchasing agent in Malaysia. 

The average salary for a purchasing agent is around 7123 MYR per month. Compared with other occupations in the country, this is the middle to upper-income level.

Of course, different positions have different incomes. Here are some examples:

Positions Salary
purchasing manager 9149 MYR
purchasing assistant 2329MYR
supply chain manager 11300MYR
warehouse manager 6250MYR
Inventory control manager 10000MYR


The purchasing agent salary distribution in Malaysia


From the above picture, you can see, 75% of people earn 8000MYR or less, 50% of people earn 4369 MYR or less, 25% of people earn 2700 MYR or less. It seems that the development of this industry is still very promising, and brings people a good income.



2. The salary of the purchasing agent in Vietnam. 

The average salary for a purchasing agent is around VND 346,780,468 per year. The salary is for the sales manager, That is higher compared with the official average salary: VND 285,073,417.

Relevant position salary 

Positions Salary
Marketing Executive VND 133,169,473
Junior Sales VND 120,000,000
Assistant  VND 85,000,000
Production manager VND 130,000,000
Warehouse Supervisor VND 204,000,000


Vietnam is one of the leading supply centers of competitively priced footwear in the world and supplies the Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Reebok companies. Worldwide it is the fifth-largest exporter of shoes and sandals. Therefore, his purchasing position should not be underestimated.


3. The salary of the purchasing agent in Thailand. 

The salary of a purchasing agent(purchasing manager positon) is THB 720,261 per year.

10% of people earn THB 473K, 50% of people earn THB 720K, 90% of people earn THB 943K.


Thailand Salary Guide 2019


From Above table, you can see, 

Junior level: Exp 1-5 yrs

The industry of purchasing/procurement/Expenditure/Buyer/Merchandiser,  the average salary is around 20,000~40,000 month.



4. The salary of the purchasing agent in China. 

The salary of the purchasing agent( purchasing manager position) is CNY78,000 per year. A Chinese manager with a university degree and 5 years’ experience in general sourcing or trading can earn around 12,000 RMB per month in a major Chinese city.


The average salary of a purchasing agent in China different provinces.


The salary of the purchasing agent in Beijing is the highest. The data above is for reference only. As the economy develops and the business expands, the salary level of employees is increasing.




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