Most people who import from China often find themselves in a predicament on whether to go to Yiwu wholesale market or Guangzhou wholesale market, With both wholesale market China attracting hundreds of thousands of foreign businessmen and women alike every year, makes it harder for one to choose between the two. 

Luckily, this article will highlight the major differences between the two wholesale markets and hopefully make it much easier for you when choosing between the two.


TOP 12 differences between Yiwu and Guangzhou wholesale market China

Yiwu, located in Zhejiang Province, is the biggest market place in the world dealing with a plethora of products but items like gifts and decoration tend to be more concentrated. Guangzhou, on the other hand, is also equally interesting. There is a higher concentration of clothes wholesale market compared to Yiwu. Next, we will help you list the differences of wholesale market China one by one.

1. Quantities of wholesale

In most cases, the Guangzhou wholesale market has a small batch size whereas Yiwu wholesale market usually has a large batch size.

This makes Guangzhou the ideal market for small and medium-sized shop owners to replenish while Yiwu market is suitable for wholesale and large shop owners.

2. Trading companies and manufacturers

Guangzhou market has more trading companies compared to the Yiwu market.

But, on the other hand, Yiwu market has more manufacturers than Guangzhou.

3. Shipment

Unlike Yiwu wholesale market that takes a few days to ship, the Guangzhou wholesale market is usually shipped the same day.

4. Presence of warehouses

The wholesale market at Guangzhou has warehouses close by which is not the case at the Yiwu market where the warehouses are in a distant place, and they are shipped directly by the manufacturer.

5. General planning

The wholesale market at Guangzhou is known for its poor planning as it is moderately formed by the market economy. The planning of the Yiwu market is much better which can be credited to the government’s involvement as well as leadership.

6. The product category

As mentioned earlier, the Yiwu market mostly deals with gifts and decoration items while the wholesale market at Guangzhou is famous for its large number of clothes markets.

7. Prices of commodities

Yiwu market has a lower price compared to the Guangzhou wholesale market.

This is because Guangzhou’s suppliers are mostly big factories compared to those of the Yiwu wholesale market.

8. Minimum order quantity

Again, Yiwu market has a lower Minimum Order Quantity compared to Guangzhou. This is as a result of the Yiwu’s supplier’s scale not being so big hence their Minimum Order Quantity requirement is much lower.

9. The closing time

Guangzhou’s wholesale market closes at 7 o’clock in the afternoon whereas the market in Yiwu closes at 5 o’clock in the afternoon

10. Target customers

Yiwu market attracts small volume buyers since the goods on offer are usually off the shelf products. This means these ready-made items can be picked out by importers. Guangzhou market attracts customers who buy in large volumes.

11. Aisle

The wholesale market at Yiwu has a wider aisle compared to the market at Guangzhou

12. Environment

Yiwu market is a lot quieter compared to the Guangzhou market due to the presence of trucks in the Guangzhou market which is absent in Yiwu market since they ship directly from the factory.



Hope this article will make you clearly understand the difference between Yiwu wholesale market and Guangzhou wholesale market, and you will not worry about this problem in the future.

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