A good relationship and great first impression are the foundation of doing business in China. RunSourcing has first-hand knowledge of how to prepare for the first visit to Chinese factories. This will help you establish a solid relationship”guanxi” with the China supplier.

According to our thousands of visits to the factory, we have listed the following top 7 tips should be prepared:

1. Get your washing tools and clothes ready.

When you first come to a country, the temperature is not the same, you should check the weather in advance and prepare suitable enough clothes to take.

To make sure that when you meet with China suppliers, you wear clothes that are appropriate for the occasion. Imagine If everyone is wearing short sleeves in the summer and you are wearing a sweater and a suit, is it impolite? Secondly, you can prepare the washing tools according to your own needs, lest the things of the hotel if not use habitually but not affect the whole spiritual outlook.

2. Schedule of visiting Chinese factories.

You need to list in advance which Chinese factories need to visit, when to visit,  and where the factory is.

This will allow you to complete the plan step by step, or when you finish visiting one factory, they will send you to the next China supplier according to the distance. But if you don’t do it in advance, it’s going to be messy.

3. Get the samples ready.

If you go with projects and plans, you’d better bring samples with you.

This is a rare opportunity for you to meet with your China suppliers face to face and they will know exactly what you want. You can confirm the details on the spot, which will save a lot of trouble for future work.

4. Prepare your meeting points ready.

You should prepare the questions what you want to ask the Chinese factories, as well as talking points about the project.

This will ensure that when you come back from a trip to China, you have achieved your goal. Otherwise, it will be very busy in China and you may miss some information, or you may get sidetracked in the meeting and not get the information you want.

5. Prepare gift.

You can target your potential China suppliers with a few small gifts. Chinese people are very warm, if you go with a gift, they will treat you better, close the distance between each other.

You don’t have to choose a large gift so it’s not easy to bring, you can choose gifts that represent national characteristics, such as handicrafts these small gifts. Of course, some Chinese factories will give you gifts in return. They will prepare some gifts that cover Chinese characteristics, such as Chinese knots, ink paintings, fans and so on.

6. Money(RMB)

Before going to China, of course, you need to change money before the trip.

When taking traffic, buying a ticket is to need RMB, do not change well in advance will be very troublesome by then.

7. Get to know Chinese culture and some famous scenic spots in advance.

Many Chinese factories will ask you such questions, “Do you like China?”, “Are you used to eating here?”. Chinese people are very united, they will also expect you to like it.

Besides, when you are in the car, Chinese factories will talk to you some about Chinese culture or famous scenic spots. It will be more embarrassing if you don’t know what to say. Then, when you finish visiting work, you can go to some scenic spots for sightseeing. So prepare this information is very important.


All of the above we hopefully help you make your trip to China successful. If you have any other questions please don’t worry, please contact us, we can accompany you to visit the factory.

RunSourcing is a big sourcing agent in China, helping customers to purchase goods,  source China suppliers, inspect the goods quality and so on. We can accompany customers to visit factories, attend the Canton fair and different fairs. The sourcing service is free of charge. Only when you cooperate with us in order, we will charge a little 5% commission. We are your China office. You can send us an email.  [email protected]

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