When you decide to sell electronic products and accessories on Amazon, it was not very clear where to buy cheap and high-quality products. Direct purchases on the Internet often make us feel uneasy, In this article, I will show you the top electronic markets In China Where most amazon businessmen choose.

We all know that China’s largest electronics market is in the southern province of Guangdong, and he is even the world’s largest electronics production and sales base, most big amazon businessmen choose Guangdong, but Guandong is a big market, where to begin?

Electronic markets Shenzhen

shenzhen is the biggest electronic markets in China even in the world. He is the center of the world factory and one of the developed cities in China. When you come to Shenzhen you will see thousands of electronic products. 
If you want to see or just buy simples you can come to Huaqiangbei, Huaqiangbei is the biggest electronic mall in Shenzhen, you can talk to everyone to buy.

Many people say that you need to find a Chinese tour guide to take you to Huaqiangbei. Please don’t believe that you can go by yourself. Many buildings have classified electronic products stalls. each year, thousands of people make their tour to Huaqiangbei Shenzhen, where gathers all China wholesale electronics supplier can find here. You can find any electronic products you want in Huaqiangbei. If you are looking for a special product, it may take some time. Because there are too many products, you can live in the hotel of Huaqiangbei and slowly find the product you want.

If you are looking for a good supplier, you must shop around. Most of the sellers have a lot of cooperative factories behind them. They generally like to pick up foreign trade orders. There are many buildings in Huaqiangbei, which sell different products, but most of the buildings sell a lot of products, and the deeper the streets are generally made for wholesale. The buildings on both sides of the main street are many brands sellers. The products are mainly sold to tourists and the surrounding citizens. You don’t need to spend time here, just take a look. There are more than 50 different malls.

Here are the top 10 famous buildings in Huaqiangbei electronic markets you can choose:

1 Seg Electronics Market

The 1-9 floor is an electronic accessory market. It mainly sells mobile phones and computers. It is strictly controlled by quality. It is the commercial building with the lowest level of parallel and fake goods in the Shenzhen electronics market! 

2 Huaqiang Electronics Market

Huaqiang Electronic World is the second largest electronic trading center in Shenzhen, mainly engaged in the trading of spare parts and second-hand electronic products. Especially its second-hand computer trading market is particularly famous. First floor, electronic components sales market; second floor, computer assembly, and accessories sales; three floors, computer repair, and second-hand accessories market, four-tier second-hand desktop, notebook trading center!

3 Huaqiang Square

Huaqiang Plaza is located in the heart of Huaqiangbei Business District, the most prosperous business district in Shenzhen. It is a rare super-large building complex in Shenzhen, with super-class office buildings, five-star hotels, commercial and commercial apartments, and large underground parking lots. One, it will become another landmark in Huaqiangbei. One to three floors are basic electronic products exhibition areas, the fourth to fifth floors are digital and consumer electronics exhibition areas and the sixth floor is supporting electronic products exhibition areas such as connectors, cables, instruments, and meters.

4 Yuanwang Digital Mall

Shenzhen Yuanwang Digital Mall officially opened on September 28, 2001. It is the largest “sales mobile phone and refurbished mobile phone wholesale market” in Huaqiangbei. At present, it mainly operates four major categories of digital application technologies of well-known brands at home and abroad. One is digital audio-visual products of consumer electronics, including digital cameras and camcorders. , electronic notebooks, digital voice recorders, digital color TVs, audio, DVD, home theater, MD, MP3 players, repeaters, etc.; second, consumer electronics, a variety of communication products, including a variety of mobile phones and their spare parts, Walkie-talkies, program-controlled switches, cordless phones, video phones, fax machines, copiers, etc., third, computers and applications, including personal computers, laptops, PDAs, network applications, printers, scanners, computer monitors, memory, multimedia And other computer peripherals and software products. The fourth is a variety of electronic security anti-theft monitoring equipment products. On the first floor, it is relatively deserted. Many foreigners buy things here, while the second floor is a parallel wholesale center. It is very lively and has a feeling of a vegetable market. Although it seems to be in the digital world, it is still in the fog, and the refurbished machine will make you hard to defend.

5 Mingtong Digital Mall

The first phase of Mingtong Digital Mall opened on September 1, 2005. It is currently the largest digital communications market in Southeast Asia with the largest operating area, the largest number of employees, and the most complete mobile phone brands and types. Here you can find a variety of mobile phones with unique ideas, including cottages, high imitation, etc., while parallel mobile phones are relatively few. At present, the average daily passenger flow in this market is about 100,000 person-times. Mobile phone products flow from here to all parts of the country and radiate to Asia, Africa, the Near East, and the Middle East countries and are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Oceania countries and regions.
Merchants are basically based on wholesale, with very little retail

6 Saibo Mall

The Saibo digital store opened in June 2001, and Saibo integrated the “4C” (computer, communication, consumer electronics, website) products into a unified retail platform. The large LED advertising screen outside the building has become a sign of it!

7 Longsheng Mobile Wholesale Center

It is a comprehensive hypermarket. There are not only cottage mobile phones, cottage MP3s, cottage netbooks, etc., but also many “villages” (mainly concentrated on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors). Providing you with a one-stop solution is one of the places frequented by foreigners. Of course, there are also a lot of parallel mobile phone dealers (mostly concentrated on the 2nd floor), mainly based on network operations, so their counters are mostly empty. Compared with Mingtong, its advantages are not very obvious! However, for the popularity of 3G networks in the future. It also has a lot of room for development!
The popularity of the first floor is relatively high, while the other floors are relatively deserted. Shopping here will give you the feeling of visiting a supermarket.

8. High-tech communication digital square, high-tech foreign trade mobile phone wholesale market

The original site of Gaokede Communication Digital Plaza is the Causeway Bay Plaza, which is known as “China’s first MALL”. It was established by the China-Thailand Friendship Association and has a total area of 38,000 square meters adjacent to the Longsheng mobile phone wholesale market. When it opened its business on December 26, 2006, it caused quite a stir. On an opening day, about half of the 20 pieces of He Wei in front of the door were provincial and ministerial officials and some city party committee secretaries and mayors. It is the gathering place of domestic mobile phones!

9 Zhongdian Digital Support Center

Zhongdian Digital is in line with the aforementioned Longsheng Mobile Wholesale Center and Gaokede Digital Plaza, but its market positioning is slightly different. Its main products are various U disk, speaker and earphone, popular. The difference between the two is not too big.

10 SED Electronic Communication Market

The SED Electronic Communications Market opened on October 22, 2006. The first phase of the SED electronic communication market, with a total area of more than 3,000 square meters, including more than 60 rooms ranging from 8 to 20 square meters, and more than 300 professional counters, the main products are branded mobile phones and Mobile phone related accessory products cover almost all well-known mobile phone brands.
The first layer of Sangda mainly operates netbooks, computer spare parts, etc. The second and third floors are mobile phone after-sales service department and netbook wholesale and retail!

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei is mainly a variety of products and accessories such as mobile computer chip led security, and some buildings are selling mobile phone cases. Some buildings sell LED products, and there are more than 50 markets. There are many products and shops for you to choose from. If you need to buy 3C electronic products and accessories, Huaqiangbei must be a must.

Electronic markets Guangzhou

Guangzhou is also an important city for the import and export of electronic products, and the capital city of Guangdong Province in Guangzhou, but the electronic product trading market in Guangzhou is not as concentrated as Shenzhen. He has several places because Guangzhou city is also much larger than Shenzhen. So if you come to Guangzhou to purchase, you must find a guide, or you will lose your way. Here I introduce several typical electronic product wholesale markets.


New Asia International Electronic & Digital City

It is also a large-scale wholesale market for electronic products, mobile phone accessories, digital products, and accessories, but there are many parallel imports, and it is easy to buy inferior products.

Most of the service staff in the shop of New Asia International Electronic & Digital city are young girls who can speak foreign languages. Because many foreigners come here to pick up goods, you don’t have to worry about communication problems. In addition, please note that this is the distribution center of electronic communication products, wholesale prices, basically not retail.

NanFang Building International Electronic & Digital City

A huge electronic product wholesale market, mobile phone accessories and many other brands, and there are many small markets to choose from, if you are purchasing electronic products, you can come to this place, relatively concentrated.

Nanfang International Electronic Digital City is located in the core position of the largest mobile phone and communication accessories market in the country. It is a large-scale digital electronic accessories professional market integrating international, domestic trade, display, logistics, and other functions. Mainly engaged in electronic communications, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, and related communication products

Guangzhou’s electronic products wholesale market is relatively less concentrated than Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, but Guangzhou has many other wholesale markets, such as leather goods, furniture, clothes,etc., while Shenzhen is mainly electronic products.

Electronic markets Dongguan

Dongguan’s electronic products market is much smaller than that of Shenzhen, and it is more dispersed than Guangzhou. Dongguan is mainly factory-based, so there is not a much electronic trading market. If you find an electronics factory in Dongguan, it is easy to find a comparison. The wholesale market for electronic products is relatively difficult.

Dongguan’s more famous electronic market is located in Huaqiangbei, and the operating companies are also the same big company. The more famous ones are SEG Electronics Wholesale Market, Humen Square, Minghe Electronic Plaza, etc., and the electronic products in these markets are mainly wholesale and retail sales.


The market for electronic products is similar. From a visitor’s perspective, there is a video of a person who is very interesting. You can take a look.


If you are a tourist or come to buy electronic products, the preferred place must be Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, because there are enough electronic products for you to choose from, and it is very concentrated, you don’t need to run around, you don’t even Need a tour guide, you only need to find Huaqiangbei this place, set a hotel, and then slowly walk for a few days, there will be a lot of gains, know a lot of friends. If you are a tourist, you can also buy your favorite electronics here.

But if you are not only purchasing electronic products, but also need to look at other products, then I recommend you to go to Guangzhou, it is best to find a local tour guide or agent, you can choose us runsourcing as your guide, take you to purchase a variety of products, go shopping A variety of markets, as well as food that eats all over China. If you are looking for a factory to cooperate, then Dongguan City has chosen the place, but you also need a guide or partner to take you to find the right factory.


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