The foreign sellers who sourcing from China are facing a common problem, that choosing the best and most suitable manufacturer can be an incredibly difficult goal unless they have enough information in hand. Traditional customers will search through the website or pay high exhibition fees. Today, things become different, the most effective way of sourcing manufacturers is to choose the broker(China agent) cooperation.

The most effective sourcing way: cooperating with the broker(China agent)

By cooperating with the broker(China agent), you will no longer spend all your time and a large amount of cash on aimless online search, and on the way to compare with the suppliers in various exhibitions, you will gain greater competitiveness than your counterparts. 

So why exactly should you cooperate with a broker(China agent)? We will explain to you one by one.

1. Understand the China market

One of the best advantages of working with a broker(China agent) is the fact that it lets understand the China market more than you ever could working on your own.

With adequate information about the China market, you’ll surely never make any bad choice and this can make the entire operation such a successful one. You won’t have to spend a lot of time researching the China market, and you’ll be more confident in expanding the business.

2. Find the directly China manufactures in the shortest time

The other wonderful thing you will like about cooperating with a broker(China agent) is the speed of operation.

Based on the knowledge they already have about China’s manufacturing industry, they absolutely don’t need a too long time before they can lead you to the best manufacturer. Please note that they are direct manufacturers for you, not trading companies, and you are protected from the risk of being cheated by various companies.

3. Negotiate the lower price

You would surely never be forgiven if you talked about brokers and never mentioned that they reduce the cost of operation.

Unlike facing the companies yourself, and perhaps, it’s just your first time, brokers are already having a long term relationship with the manufacturers and this usually acts as a great boost during price negotiations. They always can negotiate the lower price to you and help you save more cost, this is very important in business.

4. Sourcing various products on multi-platforms

Whether you’re purchasing for clothes, or groceries, or toys, or even furniture, your broker(China agent) can help you get deals and compare prices from multi-platforms.

It would be a disaster if you did the work yourself. If you need to contact 5 suppliers for each product, you need to contact at least 20 China suppliers for 4 styles of products.  And these suppliers are not necessarily manufacturers, there will be uncertain factors leading to fraud. Let’s not talk about knowing about different popular purchasing platforms in China, that you can compare prices from different platforms and find the most suitable products, it is impossible.


What is the problem with other sourcing methods? 

Maybe a lot of sellers haven’t chosen a broker(China agent) yet, but are sourcing through websites or attending various exhibitions. We suggest co-operating with the agent because there are some difficulties and even troubles in these other sourcing methods.


1. The problem if you sourcing from the website like Alibaba

Difficult to distinguish the suppliers’ information

One of the greatest nightmares associated with using other methods like sourcing from websites like Alibaba, it is difficult to distinguish the suppliers’ information, because a lot of information on the Internet is not true. You may not find a direct manufacturer, which means your costs increase.

Complex price comparison

Comparing the prices of 20 suppliers, it is a headache. Your foreign market has not been developed yet, and you have spent all your time finding factories in China.

The goods cannot be inspected in person

If you spend a lot of time at Alibaba finding suppliers, product testing becomes the next big headache. How do you check the quality of your products when you are abroad?


2. The problem if you sourcing from the exhibitions

High travel costs

Traveling to China is a high cost of operation, In addition to the cost of admission to the exhibition, you also need to consider the cost of the hotel, taxi, food.  For small sellers or new sellers, it’s simply not possible.

Wasting time

Also, you’ll need a lot of time to complete the sourcing task which is still adding to the overall cost.

Lack of experience in the exhibition

Not to forget, even if you were to source from an exhibition instead, you would still have needed exhibition experience to get things working.

Did you know that you can make your business great again? Well, source your next manufacturer from China by the help of a sourcing broker.



To find the China manufacturers in the most effective way, you can choose to work with an agent in your country or even coordinate with an agent who is based in China.

What is most interesting is that no matter which option you go for, you shall still have saved a lot in the long run. Just ask yourself about all the money you would have spent on travel arrangements plus the time cost of money. Choosing to work with a broker is a really great way to go, that we can assure you. 

Compared with foreign brokers, we suggest you choose local brokers(China agent) because they can act as your China company and help you deal with Chinese affairs at any time, including market research, inspection of goods, the arrangement of logistics and so on, that’s something foreign brokers can’t do.

If you choose a China broker(sourcing agent), I recommend runsourcing. They have 10 years of B2B & B2C procurement experience, and the price threshold is low. They only charge handing fees, which can help you to provide transparent supplier information, what are you waiting for?


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