China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and with a ready labor market and export market, many foreign customers will wholesale cheap products from China, such as wholesale headphones. But in the process of purchasing, you must beware of being cheated. Hope this article will give you an extra perspective.


1. Cheap wholesale headphones

The first thing that is expected of you is to conduct in-depth research of what types of headphones you want to purchase in bulk, Headphones are classified into three categories.

a)In-Ear :
They are usually the small types of headphones which are highly portable, and wireless they mostly use Bluetooth to work effectively, listeners are required to insert them into the ear canal.

b )Over the ear headphones.
They are made in such a way that they have large earbuds that quite often engulf the ear, They are more popular among people who do not mind their large nature .they mostly come with noise cancellation capability and are more comfortable.

These are made for people who find the over the ear headphones being too bulky and the in-ear being quite uncomfortable.T hey are made in such a way that the tip of the headphone rests at the edge of the ear canal, They are also known to be very portable.

2. Strange phenomenon: wholesale cheap headphones from China

Buying electronic products, such as wholesale headphones in China, there is some strange phenomenon that makes you feel that these suppliers are selling products at a loss, you may not imagine that you can buy brand headphones so cheaply.

Bottomless price.

This is quite common in China especially if you are dealing with a direct link to the company. The company is likely to offer you extremely low prices for a product commonly known by economists as a loss leader, but in return, you are likely to buy a more profitable product alongside the one sold at a loss.

Imitation goods

Fake or imitation goods are widely rampant in China. This may be attributed to the lack of proper controls by the government to crush the black market.

Headphones are no exception so if you want to buy in wholesale make sure you purchase from a trusted China manufacturer or involve a trusted clearing and forwarding agent who will certify the legitimacy of the headphones before you make the purchase.


3. Secret scam you should pay attention: cheap wholesale headphones from China

China has a large wholesale market mostly aimed at people from foreign nations, but like everywhere else while the deal is too good to think twice.

China has an underground market where almost original looking headphones are assembled using second-hand materials and packaged in original looking packaging materials, although the price for these products is quite low. As an importer, the first thing that you should do to avoid getting duped into this scam is knowing what you want to import extensively. Ask questions to the wholesaler once you feel that what they are offering is not up to the task.



In the current times, Wholesale headphone of China market will offer you a wide range of products for you to choose from. Take your time and conduct extensive market research before making the bold step of purchasing. It’s also advisable that you attend trade fairs and exhibitions for you to interact one on one with the wholesalers and manufacturers, this way you are likely to know the dos and the don’t.

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