To reduce costs is to gain more profits. Many foreign sellers purchase products, such as wholesale pen from China, but they cannot find suitable and inexpensive goods. They are either cheated or buy a lot of inferior products at high prices. How to wholesale the best cheap pen from China?

Each day, billions of dollars change hands in the import/export and wholesale financial sectors. But, how does a newcomer penetrate these markets and establish a foothold in order to generate a substantial and reliable income? Well, with a little bit of research, you’ll find countless ways to get started. However, making your first wholesale purchase can be a tad nerve-racking. So, to set your mind at ease, here is a short list of our favorite wholesaling methods to help you wholesale pen with the cheapest price:


Go Directly to the Source

If you want the absolute best price on China wholesale pen, you might have to set foot in the actual factories that produce them.

And, while international travel represents a significant, initial outlay of funds, you can defray such costs with the savings you receive by negotiating directly with the manufacturer. In China, the two main sources for pen production lie in:

  • Fenshui Town, Tonglu County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
  • Wengang Town, Jinxian County, Nanchang, Jiangxi

The vast majority of Chinese pen suppliers get their goods from here, and thousands of orders are sent from here every day. A simple search on the internet will reveal the names, addresses, and phone numbers of various factories and suppliers in these regions, so you won’t be going in blind. Then, all you have to do is make contact, set up a meeting, buy a plane ticket, and brush up on your Mandarin.

You will get the chance to communicate with Chinese suppliers face to face, and the efficiency will be greatly improved. You can clearly see the factory’s machinery, production process, and quality control plan. What’s more, you can directly negotiate the price with the boss to reduce the cost. Below our topic maybe will help you.

TOP 7 Tips to prepare before your first visiting to the Chinese factories

What “cultural differences” should foreigners pay attention to when do business in China?


Buy Online at

Perhaps you have just opened your small business and a visit to China represents an overly burdensome expenditure of both time and money. Don’t worry! Online, you can still get an outstanding price on China wholesale pen.

For small sellers, the cost of a trip to China, such as air tickets and hotels, is very large, which is difficult to bear. With the rise of e-commerce platforms, you may be able to connect with vendors via the Internet to maintain a healthy profit margin on the sale of your goods. For instance, check out

As a subsidiary of the wholesale giant,, it’s a fast, convenient, and safe way to make your purchases online. However, Alibaba is mainly a wholesale website for a bigger order, its suppliers have their own minimum order quantity, which is difficult for small sellers to achieve. But Aliexpress is primarily a wholesale and retail site for small sellers, you can only order 1-5 pieces that’s ok! Besides, the price is cheaper as same as Chinese Taobao. Generally speaking, for most wholesale items, you simply won’t find a more affordable price on the internet. Plus, a simple internet search for “pens” will return over 50,000 entries for wholesale pens that you can purchase on the spot. Choose wisely…What you need to learn is how to compare online suppliers, find the most reliable suppliers, and the price of the right products.


Hire a Sourcing Agent[email protected]

Hiring a sourcing agent represents a happy middle ground between pounding the pavement in China and buying online. Your Chinese sourcing agent will handle all of the negotiating, quality checks, purchasing, and shipping, so you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. We prefer, which stands as one of the premier sourcing companies in China, we will help you wholesale pen from China, we are you China office.

With direct business connections to over 1,000 factories, manufacturers, and suppliers, RunSourcing represents a one-stop service for all of your wholesaling needs. Plus, you will have engaged a local, Chinese agent who understands local customs, Chinese negotiation styles, and international logistics. And, you can bet that a local Chinese agent will get you a better price on your wholesale pens than you would have gotten for yourself as a foreigner.

And there goes our guide on how to procure merchandise wholesale from China. Do you have a hot tip on China wholesale products? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list during our next update.


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