Many sellers that wholesale silicone ring from China, who are not familiar with the China market, it is difficult for them to find suitable China suppliers and search products with good quality and reasonable price. During this sourcing process in China, they are often cheated a lot. Today, I hope to learn some tips and help you find the right supplier through this article.

Silicone Ring, are not new, it has been making since 1996. It is sold primarily to people who worked in factories, kitchens, labs, construction jobs, or other roles where getting a ring caught in something could be severely dangerous. Because the precious metal ring is easily damaged, so the silicone ring is simple, convenient and wear-resistant, loved by the majority of users.

This has also inspired a large number of sellers to import from China, so how to purchase, we will tell you one by one


1.TOP 9 The Best China Silicone Ring 2019

A good popular ring, will bring you a different feeling, marriage is a sacred thing, choose a good ring is particularly important. Top 9 popular silicone ring:

Kauai Silicone Enso Womens Braided Ring ROQ Silicone For Women
QALO Men’s Ring ThunderFit Thin and Stackable Rings HonorGear
ROQ Silicone For Men BULZi – Massaging Comfort Fit QALO Women’s Functional Ring

These are 9 great options for silicone rings – including some unisex options as well as designs specifically for men or for women. No matter what style you choose, you will look great and feel comfortable, no matter your situation. From a wild outdoor ceremony to an adventurous honeymoon, to getting your hands messy in your yard or at work, to raising your children, these bands will be with you through all of the messy (and wonderful) phases of life.

With so many styles, you may not be able to decide which one is the best. Then we will provide you with their price for reference.


2.The normal price of wholesale Silicone Ring in China

These silicone rings are very competitive to import from China. If you search them online, you will definitely encounter these platforms(Alibaba, Amazon, and Aliexpress). We will list the price of each style of silicone ring on the Amazon platform, the following price list is provided so that you can find more suitable prices and products.

Concerning and Aliexpress.combecause of the rules of the platform, brand products can only be produced after authorization. If you need a branded silicone ring, you can contact the supplier directly online to see if they have the ability to produce it, or you can choose a similar type of ordinary silicone ring from the China factory, the price will be cheaper. Of course, these are the approximate prices, and the specific price will vary according to the size of the ring and other customization and packaging. These prices are for reference only.

Styles of the silicone ring
Kauai Silicone $15.99
Enso Womens Braided Ring $11.99
ROQ Silicone For Women $7.99
QALO Men’s Ring $24.95
ThunderFit Thin and Stackable Rings $6.95
HonorGear $7.97
ROQ Silicone For Men $12.99
BULZi – Massaging Comfort Fit $12.95
QALO Women’s Functional Ring $11.95

These 3 e-commerce platforms are China popular retail & wholesale website. Of course, when import from China through online platforms, we must still pay attention to payment security. The previous article we have written about the payment methods: The important tips for top6 commonly used payment methods among foreign trade business

3. TOP 6 China Suppliers for wholesale Silicone Ring

In addition to online direct purchase, some customers may have a certain order quantity, need to find China suppliers to wholesale silicone ring. The factory wholesale price will be more competitive, of course, they also have a certain MOQ. Therefore, customers with stable orders can adopt this purchasing method.

China factory Contact information Address
Guangzhou Lefeng Jewelry Co., Ltd Mobile/Whatsapp:0086 13610076261 Guangzhou
Dongguan DL Seals Co., Ltd [email protected] Dongguan
[email protected] YIWU
Xiamen Hongjiaxiang Silicone & Rubber Co., Ltd. [email protected] Xiamen
Guangzhou Dione Crafts Co., Ltd [email protected] Guangzhou
Konbo Silicone Rubber Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd Foshan


4. Common mistakes of Silicone Ring importers

Many sellers who import from China, especially new sellers, are easy to make mistakes.

Please pay more attention to the following points.

1.Poor Business Plan/Poor Product Choice

Just because you like the product and you think the price is right, don’t assume it will automatically sell. It is best to have an existing market/distribution system for similar or complementary items.

Your imported product should add to or enhance your existing product line. Second, best is if you have taken samples and pre-sold the first shipment. The worst is if you are operating on instinct. Instinct rarely results in profit.

2. Not figure in all of the cost of importing

To begin with, you have to understand Incoterms. A client of mine wanted to make it relatively easy to figure his costs, so he asked for a product quote from China on CIF Norfolk terms, thinking that would simplify his calculations. He was bringing in 40-foot container loads of product at a time, and he signed a contract to import a total of 20 containers. He carefully (or so he thought) added up all his other costs and was prepared to make a tidy profit.

But he doesn’t know the destination port charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Thus, he was $13, 200.00 in the hole before he had sold his first product.

3. Chinese Famous Brands

For example, you bought a “xiaomi” mobile phone in China and want to make a big sale abroad, but you are not clear that this kind of “xiaomi” mobile phone has its own unique sales channels.

4.Brand infringement

There are many big brands in the world, such as “kappa” clothes. You also want to sell, but this is met tort is not allowed.

The supplier you cooperate with must confirm that he has the right to produce these brand products, or you have got the right and qualification to produce and sell these brand products.

5.Certifications for importing Silicone Ring to your country


The CE mark is a mandatory conformity mark for those who intend to import into Europe. It essentially confirms that your product is manufactured according to certain European standards. It covers a wide range of standards and it is the absolute minimum that you need to have when importing to Europe, no matter the type of product you’re importing.


The IEC60730 safety standard defines the test and diagnostic methods that ensure the safe operation of embedded control hardware and software for household appliances. The IEC60730 standard classifies applicable equipment into three categories:

  • Class A: Not intended to be relied upon for the safety of the equipment
  • Class B: To prevent unsafe operation of the controlled equipment
  • Class C: To prevent special hazards


Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is a European Union regulation dating from 18 December 2006. REACH addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.

6. One special Silicone Ring you have never heard about.

In addition to the silicone ring that we’ve discussed, you can as well find some cheap disposable silicone ring in China, which you may have never heard about.

I once noticed this unique silicone ring when I was on a trip. This silicone ring only $0.12-0.2, their MOQ tends to be very high as it is more than 1,000. Nevertheless, disposable silicone ring is one-time use devices with a high MOQ. The disposable silicone ring is also utilized in a very short period of time.


After sharing so much experience with you about the wholesale of silicone rings in China, it is obvious that some brands silicone rings wholesale from China tend to be more expensive, and there will be some infringement problems, which will lead to higher costs.

But if you want to wholesale at around $3-$5, then China is definitely a good choice.

You can visit China wholesale market, search Alibaba,, or contact us as your sourcing agent in China.


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