In this article, we will share how to better wholesale pet products from many aspects, such as the popular style of pet products, the production base, the method of finding China suppliers, as well as the common mistakes often made by the sellers. The sharing of experience you will not hear before, hope to help you better import from China, so as to save time and cost.

Pets are your valued possessions next to children. In some houses, pets take the place of children. Pet owners would love to beautify their pets and make a cozy place for them. The China Wholesale pet products act as a solution to all pet related concerns of the pet owners. 

What’s the most popular styles of pet products in China?

China is known for its innovation in technology and updating products that are of the latest trends. Therefore, one can expect China’s modernization and update in pet products also. 

1. Pet Clothes
Pets clothes are similar to baby clothes. They come in many varieties of style, and size according to your pets. You can admire your pet wearing clothes and moving around like dolls.

Some of the pet clothes available in China wholesale are
• Pet coats
• Hawaii Summer T-shirt
• Pet Rain Coats
• Halloween costumes
• Christmas costume
• Striped hoodies
• Custom printed shirts
• Windproof dress for winter
• Polo t-shirt
• Sports costume and so on.

Supplier name: Yiwu Shengjin Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 337, Wangdao Road, Beiyuan Industrial Zone, Beiyuan Road, Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


2. Pet Cage and Home
Pets take time to settle in your home. Pet Cages and homes help your pets to adapt to your surroundings easily and also get a feel like their territory.

Some of the pet cages and homes you can find are
• Foldable stainless steel dog kennel.
• Mesh cage carrier
• Eco-friendly pet carriers
• Outdoor dog handbag
• High-quality pet dog cat carrier
• Handmade willow pet cage and so on.

Supplier name: Hefei Longnew Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1299, Huguang Road, Shushan District, Hefei, Anhui, China (Mainland)


3. Pet Bed
Buying a pet bed becomes necessary to make your pet feel comfortable at home. Pet Beds come in many variations and shapes that suit your pets according to their sizes.

Here are some models of pet bed in China wholesale.
• Composite Fabric Pet Bed
• Strap cushions
• Cooling Soft Pet Mat Cushion
• Fibre Foam Warm Soft Pet Bed
• Unique Raised Luxury Pet Dog Bed
• Leather pet beds
• Waterproof cotton bed and so on.

Supplier name: Wenzhou Coobypet Supplies Co., Ltd.

Address: Qilin Industrial Area, Xiaojiang Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


4. Pet Toys
Your pet may love to play with toys. Pet toys come in cool sizes that attract your pets. Here are some of the pet toys in China wholesale.

• Dog Chew
• Flying saucer for dogs
• Electronic Mouse toys for Cats
• Plush Toys for dogs and cats
• Rotating feather toy for cats
• Rubber balls for dogs
• Pet Finger Toothbrush and so on.

Supplier name: Shaoxing Shangyu Jiani Household Products Co., Ltd.

Address: Changtang Village, Changtang Town, Shangyu District, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 


Can the supplier help to print Logo or customize the design?

The suppliers of China Wholesale pet products are customer-friendly and offer great support in delivering the products according to your requirements. A good logo and product design will give you greater competitiveness.

1. Printing Logo on the Pet Products
The wholesale suppliers help to print your brand logo on the pet products.
• You will need to send your logo design to the supplier for creating an imprint of your design.
• The imprint will be applied to your pet products.

2. Customized Design According To Client Requirements
• You can also order customized designs for your pet products.
• You will need to convey the type of design you want, to the suppliers. Like PDF file OR AI. 


Where are China’s pet products factories are located? 

Pet products factories play a vital role in producing good-quality pet products. Some of the important factories related to the pet industry are located in Houjie Town and Liaocheng. If you want to visit them that RunSourcing can accompany you and acts as your China guide.

1. Houjie Town, Guangdong province
• Dongguan Joyful Pet Products Co., Ltd is a leading pet product manufacturing factory located in Houjie Town of the Dongguan City.
• Dongguan is specialized in creating various pet products such as dog collar, leashes, and other pet accessories.
• Dongguan possesses high-end machines and technology that create products with detail. They maintain high industry standards to deliver high-quality products to their clients.

2. Liaocheng, Shandong province
• Gambol Pet Food Company plays a significant role in raising China’s standard in the commercial pet food production sector. It is located in Liaocheng, Shandong province.

• Gambol pet food factory has six facilities in China. It produces various pet foods such as dry food, wet food, real meat jerky treats, rawhide chews, and dental bones.


How to Select Suppliers for purchasing wholesale pet products from China? 

Selecting suppliers for pet products in China is a tricky process as it is a large market. One needs to look for the following qualities while choosing a supplier.

You need to know whether the supplier is a reliable person to purchase the products. You will need to verify the following details in the business license of your supplier.

1. Chinese name – Business should be registered in the Chinese language
2. Province – Location or Province in which the factory is located.
3. AIC China Company Registration Check- Find the Company’s Record on this

4. Business license – If the company is registered successfully, they will have a business license to provide you, indicating that the company is real.


A good supplier would show great response to your queries. They will show speed in executing the tasks and won’t waste much of your time.

Such as 24/7 services will help you get the It will get you what you want in a short time. Once an Australian customer told me that before looking for RunSourcing, he sent an inquiry to other companies, some people replied the next day, but every subsequent email was,
“Hi this Dora, I will forward your inquiry to lily”, Then, “Hi this is lily, I will forward your inquiry to Jacky”. 2 days passed he got nothing. This is not conducive to the efficient development of your business in China.


A professional supplier can be recognized through his product knowledge. He should be able to handle your questions regarding the product and give proper, and relevant answers.

If a supplier does not know what you are talking about and cannot clearly understand your requirements, it is very difficult to provide you with the right products. The professionalism of product and communication is particularly important in the foreign trading business.

In each of these ways, you can carefully screen your suppliers to choose the best one. But if you don’t have enough time and there are too many vendors that difficult to test one by one. You can choose to work with a Chinese agent RunSourcing, they would be helpful for you. Their professional team will help you to verify the supplier even do the factory audit if you need.


Common mistakes and difficulties while buying wholesale pet products in China

Mistakes happen everywhere, and China wholesale market is no exception. You will need to be careful to avoid some common mistakes while wholesale pet products from China. The most common problems are these.

1.Colour Difference
There may be a major difference with what you saw online and what appears offline. You will need to verify the color before buying to avoid buying the wrong color choices.

Suggest solution: You can use PANTONE NUMBER to check with supplier ensure the color of your communication is the same.


2. Size Difference
Size difference may vary between countries. You may order a perfect fit for your pet, but sometimes, it won’t fit with the pet.

Suggest solution: Asking for a sample before buying may avoid size-related issues, that will be better.


3. Difficult To Negotiate MOQ & Price
Negotiation is an important process while buying wholesale products. You need to keep someone who knows the pulse of the local market while buying products.

Suggest solution:

  • A China agent may help in negotiating in the China market, They can speak Chinese and know Chinese suppliers and market conditions. They can act as your representative in China.
  • Bargaining template will give you some inspiration.


4. Shipment to Amazon warehouse

China supplier doesn’t know how to stick the label and packing requirements.

Suggest solution: Hire an agent then they will help to guide China supplier on the ground, supervise the work and help you complete the packaging and label pasting.


The packing requirements for your products

Pet products are a new and growing industry in China. Your supplier may not know the shipping procedures for the pet products. Hence, you will need to know the packing requirement to ship your products.

1. Standard packing: Polybag
Usage of Polybag is suitable to pack your pet products. Use two-three layers of polybag to pack your pet products to avoid breaking or any damage.

2. Amazon label
If you are selling your pet product through Amazon, you will need to use an Amazon label. With Amazon label, you can ship your product and sell it anywhere in the world, this will be very important. 


Quality issues that occur while importing products from China

One needs to check various quality issues while importing pet products from China. Here is the list of quality issues that may occur while buying from China.

• Damaged items
• Functional defective items
• Wrong items
• Wrong color
• Substandard materials
• Transportation damages
• Substandard product packing
• Low Standard of export packing

In order to cause huge losses caused by these problems, you can provide clear requirements to the supplier, and most importantly, write these claims into the contract. Once the supplier does not require enforcement, you can carry out the rights.

Besides, if you have a China guide that they will handle everything in China on your behalf.


Will you need to wholesale pet products?

If you are a buyer that wants to wholesale pet products from China? Wish above content can help you do better China importing. But sometimes procurement is not smooth sailing, if you encounter problems and do not know how to deal with, you can contact us! 



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