One of my former clients told me that they used to do China wholesale, mainly from Yiwu wholesale market, where they wholesale all kinds of low-priced groceries and then transport them to their country. But with the development of the Internet, China wholesale isn’t limited to the physical wholesale market, and even requires customers to travel to China on business. This is a high cost.

Now customers can wholesale from the Internet, they can find China major wholesale markets and not only confined to Yiwu, but also the customers can participate in the exhibition, and even can entrust agents to help to import from China. Now there are FAQs about China wholesale you can be concerned, hope we can help you understand more clearly, how to do the wholesale from China?

Q: What’s the China best wholesale market?

A: Besides Yiwu wholesale market, there are many wholesale markets in China for you to choose from. If you have enough money, you can come to China and purchase products in person. You can source various products with a lower unit price.

At the same time, you also need to care about quality. You can’t just focus on price and ignore quality. Many wholesale businesses, in order to fight low price, quality often not passes. Below is TOP 10 China wholesale website for your choosing.

China wholesale Location Category Customer reviews
Guangzhou Baima Costume Market  Guangzhou Clothing and Other items ★★★★
Shijing Clothing Wholesale Market  Guangzhou Clothing and Other items ★★★★
Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Market  Guangzhou Clothing and Other items ★★★★
Haizhu Wholesale Market  Guangzhou Clothing and Other items ★★★★
Zhongda Market  Guangzhou Clothing and Other items ★★★
Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing Trade  Shenzhen Clothing and Other items ★★★
Shenzhen Yiwu Smallware Wholesale Mansion  Shenzhen  Clothing and Other items ★★★
Shenzhen Taoyuan Clothing City  Shenzhen  Clothing and Other items ★★★★
Nanyang Haiyan Clothing Wholesale market  Shenzhen  Clothing and Other items ★★★
Yiwu International Trade Market Yiwu Clothing and Other items ★★★

the best China wholesale market


Q: Guangzhou VS Yiwu China wholesale market, which is better?

A: For many foreign customers, Yiwu wholesale market and Guangzhou wholesale market are the best known. When they importing from China, they don’t know how to choose between them. So what’re the differences of Guangzhou wholesale market and Yiwu wholesale market? Which is better?

In fact, Yiwu wholesale market and Guangzhou wholesale market is just the focus of the product is not the same, It’s not entirely clear which is better or which is worse.

Yiwu is the biggest market place in the world dealing with a plethora of products but items like gifts and decoration tend to be more concentrated.

Guangzhou, on the other hand, is also equally interesting. There is a higher concentration of clothes market compared to Yiwu.

The more details please check our previous article TOP 12 differences between Yiwu and Guangzhou wholesale market-You should know

Yiwu China wholesale market


Q: How to find China wholesale suppliers with lower order quantity?

A: I think you can consider the following options:

1. Aggregate all your order quantities together. Your order quantities will not be small.

2.Better negotiation skill & Half-year ordering plan. Using your negotiation skill to persuade China suppliers, at the same time providing them your half year ordering plan.

3. Hire a sourcing agent, they will help you solve the MOQ problem. Such as RunSourcing.

China wholesale suppliers with lower order quantity


Q: How to find reliable China wholesale suppliers and avoid scams?


  1. You should understand your industry’s distribution channels
  2. Understand your order products raw material & manufacturing technique
  3. Have a Productive First Contact With a Wholesale Supplier
  4. Searching your China wholesale suppliers on Google
  5. On-site visiting your China wholesaler
  6. Payment terms must be taken seriously

If you still don’t feel comfortable, you can do a factory audit for your China wholesaler.


Q: How to verify your China wholesale suppliers?


  1. Search Your suppliers on google & Chinese suppliers’ directories
  2. Call your China wholesale suppliers to ask their company address, registration number and business license number, to make sure that the information they post online is true.
  3. Checking your China wholesale suppliers’ licenses.
  4. Checking China factories’ samples. To inspect their quality & technology and ensure that they actually do this type of product.
  5. Negotiate the better payment term. You can tell them that you want to get products picked up by your local agent from their address and that they will pay cash on delivery, to see the wholesale suppliers how to do. As usually, fraudsters usually try to get you to pay first, but the real legit suppliers will accept it.
  6. Factory audit. This is a very effective way to verify your China wholesale suppliers. Not only you can confirm that the supplier is real, but you can also know their production capacity, machinery, and preventive measures.
  7. On-site visiting China factories. The most direct way to verify China wholesale suppliers is on-site visiting. If you need a Chinese guide, RunSourcing can help you as your interpreter.



Q: What is the best China wholesale market for Children garment?

A: Guangzhou Baima Costume Market is Guangzhou is the largest clothing wholesale market.

The address: No.16 Zhannan RoadGuangzhou, China

Telephone: +86 20 8622 8888



Q:What is a trusted China wholesale website?

A:Below is China best wholesale website can be trusted. But of course, when you are sourcing products & suppliers on these websites, you also have to be careful, otherwise

some small suppliers will have chances to cheat you.

Company Category of Products Location
Alibaba General China
AliExpress General China
Made-In-China General China
Dhgate General China
Chinabrands General China
Banggood Electronics & General China
SheIn Fashion & Clothing China



Q:What’s the best China wholesale website to buy the product in bulk?

A:Concerning the bulk order, you can purchase goods from Alibaba, Made-in-China, these wholesale website. Because their order quantities are bigger and mainly for B2B business.

If you want to have the agent to help you source the products, RunSourcing is your best reliable partner.



Whether you purchase from the wholesale market, through the wholesale website, or in the area of verifying suppliers this article will help you. But importing from China is complicated. You can give the complex time-consuming and energy-consuming sourcing things to runsourcing, that you can focus your eyes on your marketing.



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