Keeping pet dogs is a very popular thing in foreign countries, which directly stimulates many foreign customers to import dog collar from China and gain profits. Choosing a safe dog collar is of utmost importance. A poor dog collar can hurt dog and affect his skin. What should you look for a dog collar? Many people lack this knowledge, and this article will share it with you.

Comfort- Is it comfortable?
Healthy- Is the fabric or material suitable to your pet’s skin? Does it chafe?
Lifestyle- If your dog is going to be outdoors most of the time; you need a material that can survive natural elements.
Size- The size of the dog will also matter when choosing a collar


TOP 6 styles dog collar imported from China

There are various styles of a dog collar to choose to import from China. But we have narrowed it down to these six, they are popular and better for your pet. They have their own pros & cons, you can understand clearly.

1. Leather Dog Collar– One of the most used and long lasting materials, a leather collar is a classic.
Pros: The material is durable and usually improves over time as it softens and expands. Doesn’t cause irritation or rashes on the skin and is natural.
Cons: Can be expensive. If not maintained or cleaned, can develop a foul smell or patches. It can cause chafing or redness when too dry or too hard.
Suitable For: Big breeds, indie mixes, and puppies.

2. Columnar Leather Dog Collar– A premium quality of leather, this has similar qualities to a leather dog collar but costs more.
Pros: Made of the highest quality of leather. Can be updated with tags. The color fades and fabric softens over time to give it a classic look.
Cons: Expensive and needs to be cleaned regularly.
Suitable For: Trained dogs and Big breeds

3.Nylon Dog Collar– Flat collars made with an artificial mesh or fabric, nylon collars are available in all sizes. They are made with patterns, colors, or styles.
Pros: Cheap and easily available in all stores or online. They can be extended if they fit too tight or shortened if too loose.
Cons: Don’t last long if exposed to elements like water or sun often. Puppies can try to chew the fabric if they are untrained or anxious.
Suitable For: Dogs of all ages and sizes

4. Chain Dog Collar– Usually used to train bigger dogs or difficult puppies, chain collars are a one size fits all concept. They are made of metal links and last longer because of the material.
Pros: They can be adjusted to fit any size. Cost effective and sturdy.
Cons: They are a choking hazard if a dog strains or ties to pull. The metal or spikes can also hurt your dog or get tangled causing them to get hurt.
Suitable For: Untrained puppies, aggressive dogs, or difficult bigger breeds


5.Forkhole Belt Buckle Dog Collar– A traditional collar made out of leather, it can be adjusted by making holes in the belt.
Pros: Made of leather, they are of high quality and last longer. Adjustable buckles give room to breathe
Cons: Expensive. And not suitable for all breeds
Suitable For: Medium sized dogs and puppies

6. Dog Collar with plastic clip– Nylon collars with a plastic buckle or clip that can be pushed to open.

Pros: Very easy to use, affordable, and available in various designs
Cons: Can be broken easily
Suitable For: Puppies, trained dogs, and medium-sized breeds.


Price Comparison: TOP 6 styles dog collar imported from China

In addition to choosing a comfortable dog collar, when imported from China, the price is also very concerned points, styles prices will be shown as below.

Leather $20 onwards
Columnar $40 onwards
Nylon $5 onwards
Chain $10 onwards
Forkhole Belt Buckle $30 onwards
Dog Collar with plastic clip

The final verdict

I hope you can know which dog collar is suitable for you to import from China from the above enumeration and analysis, and then we will update you on how to import dog collar from China. Because it involves sourcing suppliers, negotiating prices, checking quality and arranging logistics. You can also look for a Chinese agent-RunSourcing, we will stand on your side, for your maximum interests.


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