Find direct factories from China most people use Alibaba. But the biggest domestic search site for China business is 1688, It’s for Chinese people because it’s all Chinese. Today we will show you how to do China sourcing in 1688 by yourself to get much more competitive.

We are gonna show you translate 1688 and tell you how to enter the correct search keyword. In order for you to get good search results and find the quality suppliers.

First step China sourcing translate

Now let us quickly show you two ways to translate this website into English especially for those of you don’t know how to do for better China sourcing.

1. Add google translate extension

The first way is to add google translate extension you just type in the keyword google translate extension here. On the first link, it will give you this little sign.

So if you look at 1688 site in Chinese it can tell the Google Translate to translate this entire page, and once you hit on that all these major tabs are going to be English. As you can see it’s not perfect but is readable at least.


2. Right click on your mouse

The other way that to translate this 1688 China sourcing website is so simple. Just right click on your mouse you will see this option to translate this entire web page to English.

This is not the function where the chrome extension and we’ll do the same. So you can easily translate the China sourcing website in such an easy way.


Second step China sourcing enter a correct keyword

Let’s move on to the second step China sourcing the keyword research. It is important to know what is the correct keyword when you enter into this field. When you are on searching for a product there are three

ways to find a product we’ll show you the three ways but we’ll explain why there is

only one way can give you the best research results.


1. Using the camera icon

For example if you’re doing China product sourcing for perfect yoga mat, then you come to 1688 to use this camera icon to search this product image, just grab it double click and they say it’s uploading now you can see the similar product image on 1688, they are similar to what you’re looking for is showing as research result pretty cool.



2. Enter product English keyword

The second way for sourcing China 1688 is to enter your English keyword say yoga mat, just pay down the search. We can translate this page first so this is yoga mat were looking for right and then you will get a bunch of yoga mat products.


3. Paste the Chinese characters

The third way of China product sourcing in 1688 is to paste the Chinese characters in this field.

For example, we wanted to search the yoga mat, instead of entering the English yoga mat here we go to google translate yoga mat into this Chinese simplified characters, and then you copy this Chinese character and go back to 1688 and paste that into the search field.

This is the yoga mat in this website and you hit on the search you see now we want to compare out of the three methods which one gives you. The best research result is the method number one using the picture to search for a similar product the cool way of finding a product.


Third step China sourcing find & qualify suppliers (4 Steps)

let’s start the China sourcing steps of finding factories in 1688. We’re going to find where our supplier is located? Who they are? What they do and how we are going to contact them? RunSourcing will explain to you one by one.

When you copy the yoga mat Chinese character and paste into the search field and then research we can translate this page now. The website is returning fifty thousand eight hundred eighty-four related products what we’re gonna do is to sort by suppliers to see how many suppliers are offering.

Besides you can they are the suppliers about ninety-six hundred companies are producing these products. Now you’re going to apply the criteria to find the right factory to work with you.


1. Where is the supplier located?

You can see these are the screening criteria by region by business type by the number of employees and a new turn over the sales number their popularity and number of years. So you need to know how to use this by your guarantees certification report.

Where is the supplier located? We would suggest you choose the first criteria. They will show you the details locations of China suppliers. You can choose according to your requirements. Besides, google map & China map is a good choice. For example. you look for the supplier Fuqing Shengde plastic products company, Fuqing should be their registration location let’s see where they are. First, we want you to go to a google map in Alibaba. We said we prefer our supplier in this coastal line and I even gave some names of the provinces the rule of thumb, to give you a quick tip is if you look at the China map any provinces south of Beijing and north of a Hong Kong and Macau so along this coastal line that will be good because then we can transport our goods to the port easily pay less shipping if they are all the way in the inland China not only we have to pay the domestic transportation all the way to the port also the risk of product damage during the transportation could be higher as well so keep that in mind.


2. Who they are?

We would not suggest you start from here the second criteria is the business type. Whether its production type where is the trade type in here they translated as a business model, you would think this will give you a good screening if you don’t want to do business with the agent or trade company. It really doesn’t so we’ll leave these two criteria alone, for now, the third one is a number of people you might opinion the number of people.

In the entire screening process is one of the three that we consider the most important screening criteria why is that because the size of the company speaks a lot about the type of business. For example, if we say we want my supplier to be small less than five this will give you a lot of trading companies because they have a few people just trading out of their office. But if they have a five hundred square meters can they call themselves a factory probably not so they acknowledge that they are a trading company so what is the right screening criteria for this number of people working for the factory well. Our thought is this minimum 50 to a hundred employee company is a small sized company but it’s going to be a lot more flexible working with you between 100 to 500 employees they are medium-sized factory.


3. What do they do?

Once you confirmed the supplier and willing to cooperate with them, you can check their catalog to see what’s their main product.

It is worth mentioning that factories have only one type of products, but there are many kinds of products in foreign trade companies. So when you look at the catalog, you can better verify the capabilities and business model of the supplier, to finally determine if they’re worth working with.


4. How we are going to contact them?

Now your have translate website into Chinese and can see there is a contact way for each supplier or try to use the chat box it’s called Ali wang if you can translate into Chinese.

As usually you can get their Official English website if they have, and get the contact information once you log in. Besides, some of China suppliers always show their email address on the banner, you can contact them directly.

Of course, some of the foreign sellers will find China sourcing agent to do China sourcing, to save energy and time. Click here you will know TOP 10 China sourcing agent review.



Fourth steps China sourcing how to buy from

Already explain to you how to find the China supplier, next we will explain three ways to give you a point of reference each of buying method for sourcing China. They may have little limitations so it is up to you to decide which one works best for you.


1. Direct online purchase in 1688

The first way is the direct online purchase in 1688 with the Alipay. For example, you buy a yoga mat please click on the shopping cart it will lead to a purchasing page. You can add a quantity here and then it says “order now” if you click on order now it will give you this page of purchasing details how I wanted to receive good however you see this warning sign according to the requirement of regulatory authorities your Alipay account balance can only be paid after the identity information is complete.


2. Buy through a China sourcing agent

The second way is to buy through a China sourcing agent whether it’s a fee-based or percentage based. If you have found a factory yourself you are confident then you can negotiate a better fee or a better percentage because you did the majority of the work.

But if you hire a Cina sourcing agent they can help you find direct China supplier, negotiate price, and arrange shipment, you can do China importing smoothly even though you don’t have importing experience.


3. Do business directly with the Chinese company

The third way is to take the transaction outside of 1688 you don’t need to go through their

payment system Alipay you don’t need to work through a sourcing agent you just need to do business directly with this Chinese company if we think about it that is the majority of these global trade happens business send money directly to the other side without these online platforms without this sourcing agent.

If you choose this method only thing you need to be aware when you use this direct wire transfer method is to make sure this supplier has the import license if they don’t, like most of these 1688 factories they don’t have import license, they do business through a trading company you need to make sure that your paper trail is very clean working with the trading company they appointed to receive your payment.



1688 China sourcing becomes more and more famous, In order to increase their competitiveness, many customers have joined the Chinese website 1688 to purchase directly from Alibaba, and even they have purchased directly from China’s Taobao to get a lower price. Hope this article can help you a lot. If you need any helps please leave comments to us, we will reply to you soon. At the same time, Please keep your eyes on us, we will further update many articles on how to solve China’s procurement disputes import from China.


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