Cost reduction is not a very difficult thing to achieve when you sourcing from China, you need to make yourself professional first, then start from the China supplier, and then reasonably arrange your business orders, and find a suitable partner, you will achieve 200% cost reduction. Through this article, you will learn more details about how to do and know where to start.


Find a sourcing China agent as your local guide

The sourcing China agent that they can help you negotiate the lower price with China suppliers using local language Chinese.

When sourcing from China, you will face many problems, such as communication problems. Because you come from different countries and have different cultures and languages, it is difficult for you to integrate into China suppliers, even don’t expect them to give you a lower price. But native China agents are different, they speak Chinese and understand the negotiating habits of China suppliers, the better competitive price they can help you get from suppliers. In addition, the sourcing China agent will help you find affordable manufacturers, and also can act as your interpreter, you won’t have to worry about any communication issues.

Some methods can help you find sourcing agent in China, such as Trade Shows & Online directories.

• Trade Shows:  Sourcing agents in China usually make appearances in tradeshows. They book booths where the educate potential clients on the advantages of using an agent when sourcing from China

• Online directories: Thanks to the internet, you can now compare rates of different sourcing agents simultaneously. With sites like China Forum, similarly minded individuals congregate and share on the challenges they face when importing supplies from China. In these forums, different China agents are reviewed and their advantages (and disadvantages) talked about

Sourcing China RunSourcing will provide you China sourcing agent reviews, I think you’ll get a lot out of it.


Sourcing goods from China with aggregated order quantities

When sourcing from China, you need to learn how to aggregate all the orders quantities together. The more quantities you order, the lower price you will get.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of ordering from China in bulk is that you’re able to command better prices. With the general economies of scale rule, higher quantities often attract lower rates primarily due to bulk discounts. Manufacturers are able to offer larger discounts to bulk shoppers as these types of purchases have lower production costs. So when you sourcing goods from China, you need to keep that in mind.

Furthermore, when you buy in bulk, the packaging costs are significantly reduced as they’re able to conglomerate all your goods into one shipment
Ordering in bulk is beneficial in that you will be subjected to a lower import tax. In most states, the railway tax levied on imports has a $100 base point. This means that for every shipment, you will have to pay this levy. However, when you order in bulk, you only pay this tax once and you save more.


Looking for long-term cooperative China suppliers

General, when sourcing goods from China, looking at the long-term cooperative China suppliers, can provide you with more competitive prices, and discounts.

Honestly speaking, it’s impossible to cooperate with suppliers in China without having mutual trust. With the right supplier, business processes are seamlessly smoothened out and it’s worth taking the time looking a good reliable supplier and establish long-term cooperation with them. They will try their best to help you arrange the orders in China, whether it’s quality or price, you’ll get a different service.

When doing your due diligence, ask for samples and confirm that they never compromise on the quality of goods delivered. Take your time looking for the right supplier as this will make or break your business. On sites such as Alibaba, you can find unbiased reviews of different sellers. This is the right place to find new sources for your supplies.

But how to find China suppliers/factories? As you don’t know the China market and don’t know where to start.

We suggest: the most effective way of sourcing manufacturers from China, you will sourcing various suppliers then choose the most suitable one.


Learning price reduction project to reduce cost

To learn the price reduction project, you need to understand product material and manufacturing technique, you will know how to control the cost.

What is a price reduction plan and how is it beneficial to businesses? In the wholesaling world, the companies that consistently break even have a solid price reduction plan in place. This refers to the steps your company will take to cut on operating costs. When you cut on expenses such as labor and electricity bills, the profit margin is increased and a larger annual turnover is realized. Different suppliers in China have price reduction plans in place and you will benefit most by ordering in bulk. 

So how do you learn these techniques?

We suggest: You can see some descriptions of the products on Alibaba, or and watching the production process on youtube.



These methods will be a consideration when you sourcing from China and want to reduce the cost. Saving costs mean increasing profits! 

Of course, during this process, you will also encounter many problems, such as how to verify the supplier, to see whether they are trustworthy, or how to arrange the delivery, and customized packing problem of Amazon sellers. if you are facing this matter and don’t know how to save them, please contact sales@runsourcing, all the issues will be solved. 


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