Many foreign sellers who import from China mainly focus on the variety of products and the cheap unit price brought by the cheap labor force in China. However, some foreign sellers are not familiar with the China market, that don’t know where to buy cheap and high-quality products. This has been a headache for sellers.

Today we will focus on helping you analyze this problem, helping you to save costs and make more profits. So the first thing you should know is the main wholesale market in China.


Providing List of 10 Best wholesale markets for your importing from China

There are so many wholesale markets in China that customers do not know where to start or which one is reliable.

Below, we will list the most important wholesale markets in China. These markets have been certified by numerous businesses and many sellers are already purchasing products. You can choose the right products there at competitive prices.

Wholesale market Location Category Customer reviews
Guangzhou Baima Costume Market  Guangzhou all style clothing and Other items ★★★★
Zhejiang Yiwu small commodity market Yiwu Clothing, Fashion accessories and others ★★★★★
Shijing Clothing Wholesale Market  Guangzhou Clothing and Other items ★★★★
Jardine’s Crescent Market Hong Kong Clothing and Other items ★★★
Fa Yuen Street Market/ Sneaker Street  Hong Kong Clothing and Other items ★★★
Huangyuan Wholesale Garment Market  Yiwu Clothing and Other items ★★★★
Shenzhen Taoyuan Clothing City  Shenzhen  Clothing and Other items  ★★★★
Haizhu Wholesale Market  Guangzhou Clothing and Other items ★★★★
Zhongda Market  Guangzhou Clothing and Other items ★★★

1. Make yourself familiar with the geography

China is a large country with hundreds of industrial clusters on its east coast. Some industries are actually concentrated in a single city, such as Shenzhen or Guangzhou. In other industries, however, suppliers are scattered across the province. You need to actually look at these wholesale markets to see which ones are right for your needs.

Still, China’s high-speed rail network is growing so fast that getting there is less of a hassle. You can basically take a train to any city on the east coast.

2. Conduct product market research

Many wholesale markets, the production of products is a very large number of styles, such as Guangzhou wholesale market, so far China’s largest and most comprehensive wholesale market.

Guangzhou wholesale market includes clothing, beauty fashion products, footwear, luggage, ceramic tile building materials, furniture, electronics, and other industries. Foshan furniture market is the best furniture market in China. The information on the website is not the most accurate, you need to go to each wholesale market to understand their main products, as well as other products, price comparison. Prepare for the business that importing from China.

Understand products technology and material cost better for your importing

After knowing the wholesale market in China, you need to have a clear understanding of the products you’re importing. The advantage of this is that you know how to distinguish the quality and negotiate a better price with China suppliers.

You can do this in 2 ways.

1. Know the technology of the products you purchased

In this regard, you can communicate more with China factories to understand the production process of products. They are the most professional. If you ask these questions in the email, the China factories are willing to help you answer, because they want to get orders from you. The more you ask, the more you are interested in their factories.

In addition, I suggest you go to China factories and have a field visit. You can look at the operation of the production machine, the workers, and see it several times. Through this training, you will have a clear understanding of the quality of the products you purchase, how to control them and what aspects to start from to ensure that the products imported from China are of high quality.

2. Know the products material cost you purchased

In addition to understanding the technology of the product, on the other hand, you need to clearly understand the price of each raw material of the product. In other words, you should have a clear understanding of the composition of the unit price.

Know your costs so you know how to choose when you buy at the wholesale market, and how to control your prices and costs when you negotiate with suppliers. This will undoubtedly help you buy cheaper products and save costs.


Find a couple of China suppliers for your importing from China

In addition to looking for products in the wholesale market, you can contact several China factories and directly place orders for them to purchase.

The advantage of directly placing orders to China factories is that this method is relatively stable, and China factories can provide you with customized services according to your order demand. After working with several China factories for a long time, you will get different discount prices, this will give you more competition. 

We will provide you with TOP 10 China wholesale factories and tell you what should be paid more attention. 

1.TOP 10 China wholesale factories for importing products

These suppliers are from China local wholesale website, 1688.comIt is a real manufacturing supplier, not a trading supplier.

You can send an email or give a phone to the suppliers, some sales can speak English or some can not. If you need any help, we are China sourcing agent, please email us([email protected]) we can help you contact them. Besides, this website is Chinese, you need to use translation software.

China suppliers’ name Products Contact information Address
Shenzhen Baoan shiyan shano clothing co.LTD Clothing 15814000476 Guangzhou
Dongguan humen kailina clothing co.LTD Clothing 18823210978 Dongguan
Shandong jinfeng shoes co. LTD Shoes [email protected] Shandong 
Shenzhen kelensi technology co. LTD Non-woven products 086 0769 87509969 Shenzhen
Guangzhou fuyuan leather co. LTD Bags 13822163896 Guangzhou
Chenghai Lexi toys co. LTD Toys 86 0754 89670061 Guangzhou
Yiwu jinqiao accessories factory Accessories 15068060055 Yiwu
Shenzhen wanshuntong technology co. LTD Mobile Phone Battery 13632391121 Shenzhen
Dongguan maerui electronic technology co. LTD Electronic products 13650434600 Dongguan
Foshan Shunde Dongfang shengxuan furniture co. LTD Furniture 13925943782 Foshan


2. Confirm the suppliers’ factory address

All China companies have a registered address. If the supplier is actually manufacturing the products, the factory should be located at the same address as specified on their Business License. There are exceptions, but this is the general rule. If the supplier brings you to another address, they are probably taking you to a factory that’s not theirs.

But then again, subcontracting is not always a bad thing. What’s important is that you make your supplier understand that they are going to be held liable for defective products. So you do not easily believe the website company video and address, this may not be true, you need to actually investigate.

3. Schedule meetings with as many suppliers as possible

All manufacturers are not equal. Expect at least 50% of them to not be what you expect. It’s bad out there. I’ve been taken to factories that have not been operational for months. Factories that would barely pass for junkyards.

The lesson here is that you’ll return home empty-handed if you visit one or two random suppliers. It’s not enough. Schedule visits with at least five or six suppliers, and list a handful of backup suppliers – in case the first round fails to live up to expectations.


Find a reliable China guide to get customized services and cheaper price

When doing business in China, many suppliers do not speak fluent English, which makes communication difficult. In addition to your unfamiliarity with the local market, we strongly recommend that you appoint a sourcing agent in China. He knows your industry and export standards to your country. This will be convenient when you leave China as they will also be responsible for production and shipping as your supply chain manager.

The services generally provided by China agents are,

Negotiation & Signing Contract providing you the negotiation service to lower MOQ, reduce the price, customize packing and speed up delivery time. 
Products Sourcing help you connect and deal with the most suitable vendors for your needs.
Quality Inspection strictly follow up your orders and do quality control. Reports will be sent to you after inspection.
Combination Packaging help you repack all your products and ship together, instead of shipping individually
Take Photos/Videos help you take photos from different angles and high-definition video to let you check the products the first time.
Shipping arrangement All exporting procedures such as container loading, customs declaration, shipping and so on will be arranged by your sourcing agent.
Supplier maintenance and operation status monitoring Taking up the management of your current supplier(s).No more delays, loss of shipment, price increases, hidden charge, etc. On-site factory visit is also available when necessary.
Early stocking in peak season prepare the goods for you in advance so that you can keep up with your sales
Returns & Refunds If your sourcing agent found the samples were bad quality or if you don’t need these samples anymore, they can help you return them, to save your money.

They will help you to provide a one-stop service to help you deal with everything you import from China, even if you are not familiar with the China market because they will use their advantages to help solve all problems.

In addition, as the China agent has cooperated with many China suppliers for a long time, they can help you negotiate a lower price. You don’t have to cultivate a relationship with a China factory from scratch.

RunSourcing is China leading sourcing agent, with 10 years of B2B purchasing experience, they can help you provide these services, You don’t have to worry about anything. Please give the complex time-consuming and energy-consuming sourcing things to runsourcing. You can focus your eyes on your marketing.



To import cheap products from China, you need to choose the appropriate wholesale market, choose direct factory cooperation, and you need to know the production process and material cost, so that you can get satisfactory results.

However, during this process, you definitely need to pay attention to a lot of information that’s blurring people’s eyes, because the information on the Internet is not the trust and accurate, you need to check clearly and field investigation, so as not to be deceived. Of course, if you need our help, please give us a message or call, we will help you consider. Phone: +86 027-59765302   Email :  [email protected]


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