Reselling products from China is becoming more and more popular. If you have been thinking about sourcing products from China, you surely have many questions. How to find your ideal product? What should be the features it possesses? What are the conditions that your product will be sold in well? If you are still wondering, then this article will tell you all about it.

Of course, there are so many cool things the Chinese have come up with! This is the primary reason why it sounds so tempting to leave all and start your own business in this sphere. This article will show you how to sourcing ideal products to help you bring more benefits.

Step 1: The Main Features of ideal products you sourcing from China 

There are many reasons to think carefully before jumping to conclusions. Surely, your hands are itching to start working as fast as possible, but you must keep in mind that what you will be selling is very important. In case you choose something that will be hard to find or ship, then it will create a lot of risks for you.
Nevertheless, there are some features that your product should have. If you make sure it corresponds to these unspoken rules, then you will be all good. Here they are:

1) Lightweight: You product shouldn’t weigh much so that it can be easily transported.
2) High Value: Products that don’t have a high value will most likely be not very profitable.
3) Great Design: People judge everything by its cover at first, so it should catch their attention.


Step 2: Research Website Data

Now that you’ve figured out some products that you feel like will be good ones to start from, you should move to this next stage of elimination, which is researching website data. By doing so, you will see figures that will prove how much of a potential your product actually has.

Go to Amazon best sellers and search for the goods you chose and see how popular they are. If they are best-sellers, then this is the biggest sign you should definitely go for it. If they aren’t, compare them to other similar products and see why those are selling better. You should compare data carefully to make sure you are not missing anything important.


Step 3: Research The Needs Of Your Local Customers

Once Step 2 is done, you can move on to the last one, which is finding out your customers’ needs. You will need to know what will be selling better in the area you live in.
For example, a city that has many rich people is a better location for higher-priced, extravagant products. On the other hand, a town that has a population of mostly middle-class people is better for primary goods, but with a hint of specialness.

To understand what your local customers need looks for similar products in your area and see how much they are priced and how well they are selling. Once you are sure your product will fit in, you are all good to start sourcing products from China.



Although these steps may seem simple, you need to constantly compare products, analyze data and study the market. It’s time and energy consuming thing.

If your sourcing from China, we suggest you find a Chinese agent to help you solve these problems. The Chinese agent will use their resources to help you solve all the problems of importing from China. If you need to contact us, we can help you find. Email: [email protected]


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