“Thanks a lot to Runsourcing for helping me to buy products from Chinese website Alibaba, 1688.com and Taobao, you’re the best China Sourcing Agency .” “I saw good reviews about your company and am hoping you can help me purchase the Special product (sorry for can’t tell the real niche product name)from Taobao.” Following our last article about  How to do China sourcing on 1688?(Step by Step Guide with pictures), many customers have learned well to search their special products on Chinese Alibaba 1688, even in Taobao.

Want to know more about Alibaba 1688.com or Taobao?

1. What is 1688.com? Facts about 1688.com

I’m sure every businessman knows about Alibaba – a very famous company in the world. 1688.com is a subsidiary of Alibaba in China. 1688. com is only for China’s domestic market (Only Chinese language now) and mainly in B2B, B2C, wholesale and manufacturing of products. Many Chinese businessmen use 1688.com to find products and other businesses are also catching up to the relatively fair prices for good products. More than 80% of the businesses that we trade and interact with our factories and about 20% are trading companies.

2. What is taobao.com? Facts about taobao.com

Taobao is an online shopping site in China and it is a subsidiary of the great Alibaba. Taobao is also not a direct selling site but is also a marketplace just like Alibaba, but with Taobao, you do not need to buy at bulk and you can just simply buy one item at a time. If you go to the Taobao website you will notice that it is in Chinese and you will probably have a hard time understanding especially when you are not from China.

The reasons why we don’t want to buy the product from 1688.com or Taobao by ourselves 

1.Language Issue

Most of our suppliers speak Chinese as it is more of Chinese business and most of our customers are Chinese. You will need to have an agent with you who can act as your translator or take some quick Chinese lessons for you to order from the business directly. It’s better to find an agent to help you to buy the products, and then send the goods to your address. We are your Agent in China. You can contact us directly.

2.Time Issue

Speaking of time, one thing that may disappoint us is every time we want to purchase a product from 1688.con or Taobao by yourself, it’s very likely to cost our large amounts of time, because we have to spend time translating the page content, finding the product we need, constantly shifting the catalog, etc …. But if we turn to China Agents for help, they could save us a lot of “Money”, cause as we all know, “time is money, isn’t it?

3.Net Display Issue

Another problem we might meet is the Net Display Issue, the most intuitive manifestation is the whole page displays blank, we are not able to get access to any products on the website, at the same time, page browsing speed will be slower than we expect. But everything will be back to normal as long as we contact China Agent to help us fix that.

4.Payment Issue

Pay through AliPay.
Pay through Wechat.
Pay through a Chinese bank account.

Above all of these payment methods are not supported for foreigners our of China

5. Niche Product is hard to find,Low amount purchased

We could have difficulty finding products, and sometimes we may just need to purchase one to five products, however, owing to the fact that individual procurement is not supported by 1688.com, we can’t do that. So at this point, we could ask our China Agents for help and let them help us find more appropriate Niche Product.

Why buy products from 1688.com via Runsourcing

1.Rich Experience Advantage

We are your agents in China and have over 10 years of agency experience in this business. We purchase products in China and also do USD currency exchange to RMB, goods inspection before shipment, and ship to your address making us the best Chinese partner available in China. Working with us will save you time and cost. Our business only charges 3% service fee.

2.Payment Advantage

We accept PayPal (But need to add PayPal fee 4.4%+0.3USD per transfer)

3. Time And Money Saved

1)All we need to do is just give target product to Runsourcing, then the professional runners will assist us to find the best.

2) When buying different products from different suppliers of factories, the professional Chinese Agent team Runsourcing can help us to gather them up and send them synchronously, which will save the shipping fee.

All in all, since we cooperate with Runsourcing, it seems like we’ve set up our own studio in China, any issues on China Sourcing will be solved by them.

FAQ from our customers maybe could help you

Q1.We would like to open online shop and do dropshipping. Do you accept to purchase min 1 pcs per order or is there any min order to be met? 

A:Our services start based on 10 pcs samples, only $25 you can hire a reliable sourcing team

Q2.We already look some of China Website (1688, DHgate and etc) and wondering if you are able to purchase for us. As I know, some of the websites is required an agent to buy from it.

A: Sure, you only need to deal with us, we search and contact the suppliers and assist you to choose the best.

Q3.May I know the logistic rate and your Service price?

A: There’re two ways for you. Standard Service usually means you need a complete service, you can give it to us with confidence, let us do almost everything

This is our 1688.com Agent Service Fees. You could choose whichever you like.

Q4.How long approximately it will take to ship to USA ? Negeria ? Malaysia? etc.

A. It depends on the Express way or the hipping way. The quickest delivery time is about 3 days to the USA

Q5.Can I get WhatsApp contact(s) of your agents, for easy communication?

A.Yes, of course. You could leave your WhatsApp Account to our official email: [email protected].