The label “Made in China” can be found on many products on shelves of foreign stores. Many sellers do China wholesale as China cheap labor helps create more benefits. Chinese products have various styles, to let you check more clearly, today we will show you TOP 5 popular products with the details exporting data analysis. If you are trying to do China wholesale, please start it quickly! 

China: export of goods from 2007 to 2017 (in billion U.S. dollars)


Many foreign sellers are looking to the Chinese market and want to import from China. Understanding these Chinese products will allow sellers to understand the extent to which many markets are shaped by Chinese products, making it easier to import them. Today we will list the top 5 styles of products made in China. Hope to help you in your future purchase in China to be more smooth.


1. Chinese Toys

China is essentially the world’s toy box. Around 80% of the world’s toys are made in China. Adult-themed toys are made in China. The Rubik cube and Jigsaw puzzles are made in China. China also makes stuffed toys and Piggy Banks. It also makes remote-controlled cars and miniature golf clubs. Pet toys are also often manufactured and exported from China. You can buy all kinds of Chinese toys. Toys industry employs more than 600,000 people in more than 7,100 industries.

Guangdong is the world’s largest toy gift production base, Guangzhou as the national toy market south gate important position is self-evident. Many foreign customers wholesale toys from here. Guangzhou’s main toy trade base includes:

  • Delu Toy Business District
  • International toy boutique city
  • Hong Kong toy boutique wholesale city
  • Wanling international toy boutique plaza
  • Gales boutique toy city

In the following articles, we will introduce the production base and quality manufacturers of Chinese toys.


China is the largest exporter of toys



2. Clothes Wholesale

Chinese factories produce winter clothing, gloves, mittens and hats for consumers around the world. The factories also make maternity and baby clothes as well as wedding gowns and tuxedos. Underwear, t-shirts, and underwear are Chinese exports to the rest of the world. China also makes sports caps, belts and bras. Many foreign sellers wholesale clothes in China or customize the special logo and pattern. The unit price provided by Chinese factories is relatively low and the styles are various. To meet the needs of foreign customers

The United States imports more than 80% of its textiles and clothing from foreign countries, making it the world’s largest importer of textiles and clothing. China is one of the major exporters of textiles and clothing to the United States. Diversified woven clothing is China’s key exports to the United States. Woven clothing consumed in the United States include shirts, casual wear, suits, jeans, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, and pants, etc.

China was the largest textile exporter in 2017


3. Chinese Food/Agriculture

Products such as potato chips and garlic are made in China. China grows spices and herbs such as ginger and garlic and exports them to foreign markets. Chinese factories produce vegetarian meat products. Many canned foods on the market are made in China. China produces 49.8 percent of the world’s pork, or 1.5 million tons a year. That means China produces 40 kilograms per person per year, six times the average for the rest of the world.



4. Chinese Porcelain

The production of Chinese porcelain has a history of more than 5,000 years, and the products have been sold to more than 120 countries and regions including Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Britain, and Japan. According to the export statistics of the customs, from January to September 2000, the accumulative export volume has reached 736 million us dollars, with year-on-year growth of 35.8%. China’s accession to the WTO will bring new opportunities to the export of Chinese ceramics. Due to the differences in customs and consumption levels of various countries in the world, our export enterprises must strengthen investigation and research in order to achieve marketability.

The porcelain that China developed was made from a well-vitrified ceramic. The ceramics are usually made of clay called kaolin. It can include ingredients: glass, bone, ash, quartz, and alabaster. Chinese ceramics, by far the most advanced in the world, were made for the imperial court, the domestic market, or for export.

Chinese porcelain plate for a Dutch sea-captain of the ship  Qing export porcelain with European Christian scene, 1725–1735



5. Chinese Electronics/Electrical

Many light-emitting diode (LED) screens are produced in China. The Chinese also manufacture radios, clocks, pedometers and GPS systems. Power adapters and voltage regulators are also assembled in China, as are table lamps and reading lights.

Chinese Electrical & Electronics include,

  • Optical Fiber, Cable & Wire. Electric Wire & Cable, Communication Cable. 
  • Motors. Electric Motor. AC Motor. …
  • Power Supply & Distribution. Power Transmission & Transformer. Power Adaptor. …
  • Telecom & Broadcasting. Fiber Optic Equipment. Communication Module.  

China Electronic includes, Components, Connector & Terminals, Switch.

China Electrical  products export

2006-2010 Electrical Products VS Total Export




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