Smaller MOQ is a very important issue for Amazon sellers, or for other types of small sellers, or even for new sellers. With the support of MOQ, the funds of these sellers will be more flexible and less stressful, and small & medium-sized sellers will have more choices to find their ideal China wholesale suppliers.

However, the MOQ threshold of China suppliers is often very high, at least 500-1000pcs are needed. The previous article we have shown you: Importing from China: A Guide for Small Business. For small and medium-sized sellers, how to choose China wholesale suppliers with low order quantity per item? We will help you make further analysis today.


Online Search: China wholesale suppliers of small MOQ

When it comes to finding China wholesale suppliers, many people would suggest attending Chinese exhibitions. However, for suppliers with small order quantity, their scale will not be large, so they do not have a particularly strong fund to participate in the exhibition.

If you are looking for China wholesale suppliers for small orders, you can only consider search them online. General suppliers will publish their information on different platforms. All you need is search and compare to find the right China wholesale suppliers.

1. Alibaba B2B popular wholesale website

A lot of people know, or heard others said Alibaba. Alibaba is a well-known B2B website, many foreign sellers feel that the MOQ is relatively high, but through these two methods, you can get a relatively low MOQ. 

1) Alibaba: eCommerce Buyers’ Zone

When you use Alibaba, please click the button “Sourcing Solutions”

Then Choose “eCommerce Buyers’ Zone”, like below picture. You will get low MOQ.

Since this is a service intended for e-commerce sellers, it will provide customers with low MOQ support.

2) Alibaba: low minimum quantity order

Like blow picture please enter “low minimum quantity order”  in the product dialog box. Alibaba will get your requirements and show you so many small order suppliers for your choosing. You can refer to our article: How to verify that your Chinese suppliers are factories and not trading companies?



2. B2C popular wholesale website

In addition to Alibaba, B2C wholesale websites are the most frequently used by sellers to purchase products from China.

These wholesale websites are specifically targeted at small volume sellers to meet their low MOQ demand, to help you find wholesale suppliers in China.

We will help you list the 10 most popular B2C wholesale websites in China.

Popular China wholesale website Product Location General  China General China General China
Chinabrands General China
GearBest General China Fashion & Clothing China
Banggood General & Electronics China
SheIn Fashion & Clothing China General China
Zaful Fashion & Clothing China


Aliexpress: is owned by Alibaba Group. It was launched as a B2C website. 

They provide a wide range of products from fashion, houseware, garden ware to electronics. Some of their high rated suppliers are known to provide outstanding customer services.

DHgate: is one of the wholesale online shopping sites that allows bulk buying of products. 

They provide cosmetics, accessories, electronics, apparels, jewelry, toys etc. They also offer special deals. They held regular trade shows in Hong Kong which are very popular and facilitate international companies to do sourcing of wholesale products in China

face to face with Chinese trusted suppliers.

Chinabrands: They are renowned for covering both high-end and low-end products line at wholesale prices. They have a team of experts who are responsible for choosing

the trendiest products that will sell well in the market.

GearBest: They did not only focus on technology they also got themselves in the selling of other products such as apparels and fashions, electronics, appliances, watches & jewelry, light and lighting, Computer & offices products etc.

TBDress:  They offer the latest trends in fashion right to your doorstep.

Banggood: They have individual products for those customers that will want to buy individual products. Their collection of clothes and apparel are updated daily following the existing and latest trends.

SheIn: They will get amazing shoes, bags, clothes etc. If you want to open up a shop related to women’s fashion. They ship to all places around the world, logistics will not be an issue.

Zaful: They will provide you shoes and clothing.


China sourcing agent helping find small MOQ wholesale suppliers

In addition to finding suppliers through the Internet, another very popular method in China is to find agents in China.

The China sourcing agents will use their strengths to help you find small MOQ wholesale suppliers in China, that are not only limited to the small table square suppliers you find through the Internet but also potentially very large factories. This scale of cooperation with manufacturers will be more secure, and quality assurance. We will help you list TOP 10 China sourcing agent, you can contact them.

China Sourcing Agent MOQ Location
Run Sourcing $25 Dongguan, Guangdong, China
leeline Sourcing $1,000 Hubei, China
B2c Sourcing $1,000 Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Foshan Sourcing $1,000 Foshan, China
Jing Sourcing $1,000 Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
lazpanda $1,000 Shenzhen, China
Fami Sourcing $1,000 Guangzhou, China
Dragon Sourcing $1,000 Worldwide Offices
Sourcing Bro $49 Shenzhen, China
MatchSourcing $99 Fuzhou, China

Run Sourcing: They like helping small to medium business or even new importers source good price and quality products in China, guiding them to avoid all kinds of potential importing risks. Plus, They have branches all over the country, no matter you want to buy daily articles,  textile or large machinery, we can meet your need.

They have collected more than 1000 quality factories, suppliers and manufacturers. So if you cooperated with them, You’ll have plenty of customer resources.

Their main service is purchasing management, besides that, Run Sourcing can provide you: sourcing products/supplier, sample confirming, quality inspection, Amazon private label, and shipping arrangement.

To give more support to a small business or new sellers, Run Sourcing provide so lower MOQ, only $25, you can hire a professional team! Only 10pcs samples, they will help you sourcing supplier and arrange the inspection.


Leeline Sourcing: They provide services from product procurement, to brand labeling, quality inspection, packaging services, product photographing and also shipping of products to FBA warehouses.

B2C Sourcing: They provide services, product sourcing, sample forwarding, quality inspection, supplier audit, and high-standard international shipping.

Foshan Sourcing: They respond with a quotation in 48 hours or less after sending your inquiry. However, the shipment is by sea-shipping since most building materials are bulky.

Jing Sourcing: They offers product rebranding with customized graphic designs to its Amazon, eBay, and Shopify sellers. Unlike most inspection companies that would release an inspection report, jing sourcing will negotiate with your supplier and fix any quality issues before your products start to ship.

Lazpanda: Their services include sourcing best products, professional support, production & inspection, packaging & label, shipping to FBA and Amazon photography.


FAQ: The problem you may meet when sourcing low order quantity from China suppliers.

1) How to find a trusted China wholesale suppliers?

2) If the information on online suppliers can be trusted? How to check?

3) How to ensure payment security when cooperating with Chinese suppliers?

4) How to do the products inspection, only 50 pcs…But it is a higher cost traveling to China?

5) How to arrange the shipment?

6) There are too many products to purchase, and it’s too much pressure to contact too many suppliers?

7) What if the supplier does not support packaging customization?

8) How to maintain supplier relationship?

Above so many problems you may meet during the importing from China, especially you sourcing China wholesale suppliers online.

Because the information on the Internet is unreliable, you can’t check whether it is correct, which makes it easy to be cheated. In addition, if small and medium-sized sellers lack import experience, it will be more difficult to arrange quality inspection and transportation. Concerning this situation, we suggest you can cooperate with China sourcing agent. The benefits you can get:

Negotiation & Signing Contract providing you the negotiation service to lower MOQ, reduce the price, customize packing and speed up delivery time. 
Products Sourcing help you connect and deal with the most suitable vendors for your needs.
Quality Inspection strictly follow up your orders and do quality control. Reports will be sent to you after inspection.
Combination Packaging help you repack all your products and ship together, instead of shipping individually
Take Photos/Videos help you take photos from different angles and high-definition video to let you check the products the first time.
Shipping arrangement All exporting procedures such as container loading, customs declaration, shipping and so on will be arranged by your sourcing agent.
Supplier maintenance and operation status monitoring Taking up the management of your current supplier(s).No more delays, loss of shipment, price increases, hidden charge, etc. On-site factory visit is also available when necessary.
Early stocking in peak season prepare the goods for you in advance so that you can keep up with your sales
Returns & Refunds If your sourcing agent found the samples were bad quality or if you don’t need these samples anymore, they can help you return them, to save your money.



Have you figured out how to find a China wholesale supplier? If you have any questions, please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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