Many foreign customers import from China through China agents. However, for many customers who just start to purchase through this form, the sourcing process is not very clear, and they do not know how their China agents operate the orders and whether they are worthy of trust. Today we will share with you the sourcing process.

Sourcing is nothing but a sequence of the process followed one by another without skipping any, to find or select the best available one for the required certain amount of expenditure. This one can be either a product or a service. To make it even simpler and interesting, we have the following step by step brief explanation which can give you a clear picture of what it’s all about.

Understanding the specifications

Firstly, China sourcing agent needs to understand the basic needs of their customer.

Out of the two categories available, finalize the one the client is needing. As an expert, China sourcing agent needs to communicate those requirements clearly to the suppliers in a way. Then, they need to look upon and draft strategies to reduce the overall total costs involved. With the best of efforts and winning strategies, you can easily dominate.


Sourcing suppliers from strong supply chain system

Once your China sourcing agent got these clear requirements, all you need to concentrate is analyzing the niche market. Your sourcing helps you contact with different China suppliers and choose 3-4 best-targeted suppliers from strong supply chain system.

You can also check whether the suppliers are good enough to meet your requirements by producing a Request for Information (RFI) form. It is a simple questionnaire to judge your suppliers. It is not mandatory if you have enough experience in the field. Of course, your China agent will also help you manage the suppliers’ quality, and they will verify the suppliers through the following methods:

  • Checking background: Verify the suppliers’ business license, factory address, plant size, etc., to determine whether the suppliers really exists and has the strength to produce the order.
  • Factory audit: This is a more formal evaluation, judging the factory from all aspects by professional standards.
  • On-site visiting: Your China agent will go directly to the target factory for on-site inspection. This will be much more accurate than the information on the website.

Through the research of your China sourcing agent, they will provide you with 3-4 China suppliers, from which you can choose the supplier you want to cooperate with most. What you need is a careful comparison of their service features and prices.


Place order to China supplier

When all the previous work is ready, the next step is to place an order to the China suppliers. You can place an order to a China factory through your China agent without having to negotiate many details. In this process, you also need to pay attention to the items

Sign contract

Your China agent will help you to sign the contract with the China factories. What you need to pay attention to is that in the terms of the contract, the required delivery time, quality assurance and the penalty they should bear if the supplier fails to fulfill the requirements

Payment for the suppliers

You can pay the money directly to the China agent without fear of being cheated by the China factories.


Quality inspection

Quality control and inspection are very important in the whole order. The China agent will help you from the following aspects:

  • Raw-material inspection: Inspect raw materials prior to production of your order to ensure product quality at the source
  • Mid-term bulk production inspection:Follow up the quality and production schedule in the middle stage of mass production, so that the China suppliers can ensure the quality and quantity and complete the work on schedule
  • Final production inspection: Product inspection before shipment is very important, to ensure that all items are without problems, before shipment.
  • Packing inspection: This can be used to check whether the China factory has packaged according to your requirements, such as whether the label is correctly attached and whether the listing is put on.

Arrange shipment

When all the goods can be confirmed ok, your China agent will help you arrange logistics and prepare the exporting to your country.

Choose the most suitable logistics forwarder

China sourcing agents have cooperated with some logistics companies for long-term cooperation, they will prioritize your goods so that you can receive cargo as soon as possible.

In addition, you will spend less on logistics, as China suppliers can help negotiate better discounts price and help you save costs and make profits.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is a topic that many customers should be concerned about. This sourcing process is troublesome, and all customers are not very clear about it.

But don’t worry, your China agent will help you to complete all the documents and follow up the goods process to ensure that you can receive the products safely.


Do you want to hire a sourcing agent?

The above is all the sourcing process. Does this help you?

The whole point of a China sourcing agent is to help you save time, energy, costs, and remove hassle. They always arrange everything on your behalf in China and you can be trusted to do it.

If you have any more questions, please send us an email. [email protected]

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