Fashion accessories are imported frequently in recent years from China with the growing fashion consciousness, this article will show you how to do better business on importing Fashion Accessories from China. You will know how to find and select the quality suppliers, common mistakes you will face when A-Z import from China and how to ship your goods from China.


What’s the profitable fashion accessories import from China?

Fashion accessories are divided into 3 parts: Jewelry, Wearing Accessories, and Cosmetic

Here is the analysis of popular styles of Fashion Accessories, see below:


1.TOP 3 profitable fashion accessories import from China

Categories Product name Utility & Fashion Point Pictures
Jewelry Rings √ Fancy-Shaped Diamonds

√ Contemporary Three-Stone Rings

√ Stacked and Nested Rings

√ Delicate and Distinctive Halos

√ Asymmetric Designs

Necklaces √ Three-dimensional design

√ Generous, small, warm,romantic

√ Fancy necklace

√ Rich the clothing color

Bracelets √ Transparent germplasm

√ Fresh and pure color

√ Light shape and thick material

√ Easy to carry

Wearing Accessories Bag √ Carrying daily items freely

√ A style statement

√ Durability, style, and affordability

√ Unique design and high-quality

Scarf √ Fashion, cool and classy

√ Get relief from neck pain

√ Prevent from the heat of bright Sun

√ Keep warm in winter

Sunglasses √ UV Protection

√ Polarized Lenses

√ Darkness and Color

√ Cooler and fashion


lipstick, mascara,

eye shadow, foundation,


√ Improved skin condition

√ Reduced acne symptoms

√ Enhance the appearance

√ Psychological and social benefits



2. The import from
China data of profitable fashion accessories

Fashion accessories are growing to be one of the main items in China wholesale market, here is the trending analysis on China market from google:

Categories Google Trending chart Data Market value
Jewelry Bottom: 17

Peak: 96

Hot season: the end of March and the end of November
Wearing Accessories Bottom: 51

Peak: 100

Hot season:

the end of April and the beginning of August

Cosmetics Bottom: 15

Peak: 100

 Hot season:

the end of the beginning of January



3. The best price you will get to import fashion accessories from China

It’s a competitive market in China when importing fashion accessories, there are so many different suppliers offering various prices. Importers will get confused about choosing the best price without a standard, here we summarized a range of China fashion accessories suppliers prices:

Categories Product name Wholesale price(China) Retailing price(importers)
Jewelry Rings $0.4—-$72 $35—-$500
Necklaces $0.9—-$50 $50—-$498
Bracelets $0.18—-$25 $11.98—-$349
Wearing Accessories Bag $0.85—-$32 $12.99—-$980
Scarf $0.5—-$14.5 $12.79—-$399
Sunglasses $0.5—-$10 $60—-$257

lipstick, mascara,

eye shadow, Facial bottoming,


$0.59—-$80 $20—-$600

After compared the price of China wholesale and foreign countries selling, we can figure out the fashion accessories business is a high-profit market. It’s a dense and trendy market that many importers are donated into it. Let’s get deep knowledge of the China wholesale market.


What’s the China fashion accessories jewelry wholesale market?

It’s important to know the exact location of the fashion accessories market in China. In that case, importers will have a mature controlling on the quality and price range to avoid scams. Here are the main wholesale markets and the good supplier RunSourcing recommended from China:


1. Import from Yiwu wholesale market

—Address: 217 Shenzhou Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang province.



  • 2500 showrooms, mostly factories
  • 50% showrooms have some stock
  • Min.order quantity low to 5 dozen / design / color
  • Opens 7 days a week

Recommend supplier: Yiwu Lancui Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Products: Handmade woven jewelry, necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc.

Selling point: OEM&ODM are available, Low MOQ, Factory audit, 15years shop.

Address: No. 123, Xiangmin Road, Xiazhuzhai Village, Niansanli Street, Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Telephone: 86-0579-85398795

E-mail: [email protected]


2. Import from Guangzhou Xijiao wholesale market

—Address: No. 2, Zhanqian Road, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province



  • Establish in the year of 2000
  • 35,000 square meters market area, over 1,400 stores
  • Low to middle-quality jewelry
  • Product ranges: earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, etc

Recommend supplier: Guangzhou Fang Yuan Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Products: Silver rings, necklace, bracelets, silver earrings, rings, etc.

Selling point: Unique design, Low MOQ, Factory audit, 13years shop.

Address: Room 1109, Block B, Xijiao Building NO.9 Liu Hua Road, Li Wan District

Telephone: 86-13360556292


3. Import from Qingdao Hongxi wholesale market

—Address: 54 Dacheng Road, Shibei District, Qingdao city, Shandong province.



  • Taitung Commercial Area
  • The business area is about 4,500 square meters
  • Daily people traffic: 400,000
  • Business ranges: Silver decoration; popular jewelry; high-end gift; equipment accessories instrument tool packaging.

Recommend supplier: Qingdao Shijie Fashion Accessories Co., Ltd.

Products: Wholesale jewelry, necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches, pendants, etc.

Selling point: more than 30 designs each week, Low MOQ, Factory audit, 19years company.

Address: Qiantaolin Industrial Park, Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong, China (Mainland)

Telephone: 86-532-81101008


How to find China suppliers of fashion accessories and select the best one?

It’s easy to find a China supplier of fashion accessories, but many importers have trouble selecting suppliers quality. Below are some tips for you to find China suppliers and select the best one from them.

Ways to find wholesale fashion accessories jewelry suppliers

  • Online search

There are many online platforms to find China suppliers, such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China and so on. They are normal but useful tools with large supply chains. Just enter the keywords of your products and get the supplier list from each platform.


  • Wholesale market

There are 3 mainly markets of fashion accessories in China——Qingdao, Yiwu, and Guangzhou.

Qingdao market, mainly based on metal jewelry so if you need some metal fashion jewelry, Qingdao market is the place you shouldn’t miss.

Yiwu market, there are thousands of booths sell hair accessory, fashion jewelry there. So you always get a low MOQ and price there. If you need something cheap or just need a small batch Yiwu market should be the better place.

Guangzhou market, three market locations, Guangzhou Xijiao Building, Guangzhou Taikang Jewelry City, Guangzhou Liwan Plaza should be a good market you should never miss if you need some jewelry in good quality.


  • Exhibition

Many suppliers whose company on a large scale will come to some exhibition displaying their products. Importers can go to the jewelry exhibition holding in their country or outside their local city. The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre is recommended, which is dedicated to showcasing fine finished jewelry with gemstones, diamonds, pearls, and Fei cut. Around 1,900 fine jewelry exhibitors from around the world will occupy the various theme halls. Some international trade shows are holding there: Hong Kong International Jewelry Show in November


Factors to select the best wholesale fashion accessories, manufacturer

Here are the key points for selecting the best wholesale fashion accessories based on 3 different importers:

A: Importers Who Do Not Have Specific Styles

Some foreign jewelry importers are interested in hot selling and popular jewelry, and they are purchasing regularly, like every season, then sell to local jewelry shops. They would like suppliers to recommend some popular styles.

Their suppliers should be :

—Large jewelry factories: Own designers create lots of new styles

—Fashion trends: hot selling and popular products

—Lower MOQ: For small quantity order


B: Importers Who Have Their Own Designs or Samples

Importers who have their own designs usually purchase big quantity in every single order, but they have stricter requests for their suppliers as well. Also, some importers only need hundreds of units for each item for customizing design.

Their suppliers should be:

—Make the custom design protected

—Passing the factory audit

—Free sampling


C: Importers Who Want to Buy Stock Accessories

There are some importers who aim to low-price stock jewelry products, for selling in African or other developing areas. These stock jewelry products are from different sources, such as leftover products, rejected products because of mistakes in producing, customized products abandoned by clients, etc. 

Their suppliers should be:

—Cheapest products cost

—Large production skills

—Cheap shipping



Common mistakes and difficulties of importing Fashion Accessories from China

Importing Fashion accessories from China is a very complex work, whether you’re a new or seasoned importer from China, there are certain details that you need to pay close attention to as these may make or break your import.

Here’s a list of the top 4 mistakes made when importing from China.

  • Not understanding the Chinese way of doing business

You can’t do business without proper communication. China is such a vast country that it’s home to many different cultures, customs, and languages. There are at least eight different linguistic groups, not to mention the hundreds of dialects.

Keep in mind the Chinese culture and way of doing business. What may appear polite to you may come off as rude to the Chinese, and vice versa, and you definitely wouldn’t want to lose a deal just because of an easily avoidable misinterpretation.


  • Not investigating the applicable rules and regulations

Knowing the trade rules of the product you’re importing is part of any import and export process. But when importing from China, it’s best to take extra precaution. It’s not uncommon for Chinese suppliers to produce goods that fail to comply with international standards. You need to know the suppliers by investigating whether they are in applicable rules and regulations.


  • Choosing unreliable suppliers

Before signing an agreement with a supplier, make sure you’ve done proper research into its production process. This means knowing where it obtains its materials from and even speaking to other importers who are either importing the same products or have dealt with said supplier.

You may also want to take a trip down to the production ground personally for additional assurance. Consider bringing a specialist or a China purchasing agent who understands the production process with you and can thus advise you on potential problems that may come up.


  • Not planning in advance

Time is an important factor to consider for any import you’re doing from China. Anyone of the above-mentioned errors alone can cause massive delays and disruption to your logistics chain. With these in mind, always begin planning your import from China with extra time to spare.


How to Ship Your Fashion Accessories When Importing from China

It’s a common problem for importers to do shipment from China, they are not familiar with the import shipping rules and also won’t able to make the complicated documentation. Here are some tips to help you ship your fashion accessories when importing from China.

  • Check packages and get the measurements

You should first get the detailed measurements on your goods before shipping. Ensure all the parcels are in well shape and well packages, otherwise, there will be more shipping cost once your parcels didn’t pack well.


  • Choose the best way: Express, Air shipping, Sea shipping

International Express: International express (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.) is suitable for high-value products or products which need to be delivered to certain place very soon, such as fashion products including jewelry, clothing, or electronics.

Air Shipping: Air freight is cheaper but faster than express. But your cargo should better be more than 500Kg, or international express will be better. And their dimensional weight is calculated as length*width*height/6000, less than international express.

Sea Shipping: LCL sea shipping is the most economical way among all shipping methods when your cargo is more than 2-3CBM. If even less than that, we would recommend you to choose China Post or others. Also, FCL is suitable for large CBM like 26CBM or more, which is the cheapest shipping way.


  • Make preparation on the documents if needed

You should know the details on each shipping term. EXW and FOB are the most frequently used terms. With FOB shipping terms, your supplier will pay for all the costs (including overland transportation in China) and make the shipping documents(Packing list, Commercial invoice, Certificates of Origin, Bills of Lading, etc ). With EXW, you will pay for all of this. There is no difference in complexity but EXW will always cost you more than FOB (normally $300-500+ more).


Four Facts You Need to Know if you Import Fashion Accessories from China

Before importing Fashion Accessories from China, you should have a good preparation for your business. Below are four facts you should know:

  • One: Knowledge of Fashion Accessories

You will need to make sure the fashion accessories is enough demand in your local market before you start importing from China. Do market research on the selling point of your products and have a deep knowledge of the details of your product.


  • Two: Marketable price

According to the market research you’ve done, the price of your suppliers should be competitive and marketable. This is decided by the products quality and your order quantity. Try a small quantity first to test market, then you got the market price range.


  • Three: Risk of importing

1. The distance between you and your supplier can be large. This means it is harder for you to check on, or deal with, issues like quality control.

2. The delivery distance is further and the delivery time longer, which makes returning goods harder.

3. Because of the time, it takes to deliver, you might end up in a position where you have to accept inferior goods, simply because you can’t source the right quality replacement product in time if your supplier lets you down.


  • Four: Trade regulation of China

Trading terms

Before you sign an import order, you’ll need to understand the trading terms used by importers and exporters, and you’ll need to be sure that both parties have the same understanding of these terms.

Customs requirements

There are a number of customs requirements that you need to be aware of if you plan to start importing from China. It’s a good idea to have a freight forwarder or shipping agent help you with your customs entry of declaration paperwork. 



Fashion accessories are in a huge variety of types and that’s not easy for importers sourcing from China. To avoid scams, importers should make a lot of research and preparation before importing. If you feel that’s so tricky and waste time, please contact us freely and we will help you importing Fashion accessories from China step by step. We are specialized in helping importers better sourcing from China, hope this article helps you and expect to work with you in the near future.


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