Research has shown that 90 % of the world’s goods are made in China and more than 80 % products are imported from China, while the purchase and sale (or wholesale) of profitable products imported from China is a common strategy followed by many online sellers on B2C e-commerce platforms.

Their only common goal is to take advantage of China’s cheap labor and a wide variety of goods, and profit from it. So how do you make more money import from China? Today we will share it with you. The first thing is to choose a good product, which is very important.

Find a good profitable product import from China

Choosing a product is important and difficult. I have been importing products from China for 10 years. According to my experience in these years, the main products in China involve various aspects, from articles for daily use to mechanical and electrical equipment, from toy products to disposable non-woven fabrics, bags and shoes, etc., all of which are the main objects of their export.

However, if you are a small seller or an e-commerce seller, and the capital is not mature, I suggest you start with small commodities. What’s the feature of small commodities, they are:

  • Simple:If you use a very complex product then the technology also very difficult. Please choose a simple product and easily control the products quality.
  • Lightweight: That means you will spend a lower shipping cost.
  • Convenient to use: It is good for your customer and easily open the market. If the products difficult to use maybe you need to hire a technician.
  • High sales frequency: This will guarantee good sales and make you money.
  • High demand: This shows that your product has a market, sales are easy to rush up.

1. Jungle scout chrome extension: you can search for products

Although there are so many products, you need a data survey in the early stage to analyze and find the most suitable products for you. We suggest you use Jungle scout chrome extension. Working in tandem with the Web App, you can take your product ideas straight from the app over to Amazon where you can begin to utilize the Chrome Extension for a detailed sales scope.

You can test multiple keywords from your search in the web app. For example, if you found a potential product opportunity for a “kong dog toy” to get a dynamic view of potential competition levels based on a variety of potential customer searches. Once armed with a list of 20 product ideas that fit the criteria, there are two questions we can ask ourselves and test our product ideas to narrow down that list. Let’s start with evaluating demand.


2. TOP 10 profitable items

For China, there are TOP 10 profitable items we will list for you for reference. Hope it can help you make business more successfully.


China profitable items Picture Estimated cost price (excluding duty & logistics) Estimated retail price
Garlic Grater & Cutter $ 1.60 to $ 1.80  $ 8
Kids Printed T-Shirts $ 4  $ 27
Elastic Jeans Buttons $ 2.20  $ 11
Nail Art Stamper  $ 1.5  $ 7
 Cutlery Set For Kids $ 1.2  $ 7
Portable USB Desk Lamp $ 0.59 $ 5
3 in 1 Mini Survival Tool $ 0.5 $ 10
Mobile Phone Holder $ 1.28 $ 15
Universal IR Remote $ 0.80  $ 8
Virtual Reality Glasses Box $ 2.95  $ 10


Find a good selling channels

With a good sales product that imports from China, of course, you also need to have a good selling channel. You need to keep expanding the market.


1. Import profitable items and sell on the e-commerce platform: Amazon

Now many e-commerce sellers set up shop on Amazon, you can register a seller account, upload the products, and sell to customers.

Amazon is a platform with a lot of traffic. 


Then you have two choices, (1) sell like a professional or (2) sell as an individual. If you’re a new business owner, I suggest you start with a personal account.



2. Import profitable items and sell on own official website

You can set up your own official website to sell products and make your own brand.

Like the below picture, it is an official website and sells the sourcing services. You can set it up also, but first, you should hire an IT guide, that is a difference from the e-commerce platform.



3. Import profitable items and sell on Social networking platform: facebook, twitter. etc

You can show your products pictures on Social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and others.

Besides, you also need to know how to run Facebook ads.



Who can help you import from China?

When you are ready, then you need a middleman to help you import from China. If you purchase by yourself but as you lack the importing experience and not know the China market, you may be cheated by some China suppliers and lose the money. It’s not cost-effective.

Who can help you shop, you ask? Through my experience of purchasing in China, I recommend 3 models.

1.Sourcing agent

 A sourcing agent is a third party that assists the employer in all matters relating to the procurement of goods from the designated country. Its cheap, efficient, fast characteristics will continue to be more enterprises, many enterprises have a new choice to reduce the procurement cost.

If you cooperate with the sourcing agent, the customized service you can get.

Negotiation & Signing Contract providing you the negotiation service to lower MOQ, reduce the price, customize packing and speed up delivery time. 
Products Sourcing help you connect and deal with the most suitable vendors for your needs.
Quality Inspection strictly follow up your orders and do quality control. Reports will be sent to you after inspection.
Combination Packaging help you repack all your products and ship together, instead of shipping individually
Take Photos/Videos help you take photos from different angles and high-definition video to let you check the products the first time.
Shipping arrangement All exporting procedures such as container loading, customs declaration, shipping and so on will be arranged by your sourcing agent.
Supplier maintenance and operation status monitoring Taking up the management of your current supplier(s).No more delays, loss of shipment, price increases, hidden charge, etc. On-site factory visit is also available when necessary.
Early stocking in peak season prepare the goods for you in advance so that you can keep up with your sales
Returns & Refunds If your sourcing agent found the samples were bad quality or if you don’t need these samples anymore, they can help you return them, to save your money.


2.Trading company

Trading companies are businesses working with different kinds of products which are sold for consumer, business or government purposes. Trading companies buy a specialized range of products, maintain a stock or a shop, and deliver products to customers. If you cooperate with the trading company, the services you can get:


MOQ low threshold

Trading companies don’t actually produce anything. Instead, they source a variety of products from one or more factories, often in partnership with multiple factories. So they always can get a relatively low MOQ.

High flexibility

The trading company is an independent company, he is not limited by the machinery, equipment and production technology, that is to say, if this factory is not good, he can change to another one at any time, so the flexibility is very high.

Varied products

Their greatest advantage is that they offer a wide variety of products, they can purchase goods from different suppliers to meet client different requirement.

Fluent English communication

General trading companies have their professional English salesmen, who are responsible for communicating and handling business with foreign businessmen, which makes the work more smoothly


3.Sourcing agent VS trading company

You must ask, which one is better, China agent or trading company? Our previous article, you can check for reference: 

Factories, Trading Company and Sourcing Agents Which one is suit for your Amazon small business?

As my importing experience, we will choose China sourcing agent, because they are more suitable for small and medium-sized sellers, new sellers and e-commerce sellers. Their services are design according to these sellers’ requirements.



Besides the sourcing agent and trading company, There is now a new agent template: Freelancers, In other words, it is a personal agency.

This kind of agent may be cheap, but the individual agent is not very reliable, in case meeting the cheater that you cannot find people, it is difficult to maintain their rights and interests. If you choose this model, you must find someone you trust, so you must learn to investigate the background.



All of the above methods are learned from my experience in the import and export of sales in China. Have you chosen how to import from China? If you have any other questions, please leave us a message. [email protected]



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