Importing from China can be an extremely lucrative undertaking. According to statistics, there are 115,000 companies that imported from China to the US in 2018. But if you are a new seller how to import from China? Here is a collection of questions about how to import from China, you will definitely benefit a lot from this article.

What’s the best product to import from China?

For many Amazon sellers, choosing a good product is more than half the battle. It can be seen that importing from China and choosing the best and suitable products are the first and most important step. But what’s the best product to import from China, we will explain to you one by one.

1.TOP 10 China hot selling product

China profitable items Estimated cost price (excluding duty & logistics) Estimated retail price
Garlic Grater & Cutter $ 1.60 to $ 1.80  $ 8
Kids Printed T-Shirts $ 4  $ 27
Elastic Jeans Buttons $ 2.20  $ 11
Nail Art Stamper  $ 1.5  $ 7
 Cutlery Set For Kids $ 1.2  $ 7
Portable USB Desk Lamp $ 0.59 $ 5
3 in 1 Mini Survival Tool $ 0.5 $ 10
Mobile Phone Holder $ 1.28 $ 15
Universal IR Remote $ 0.80  $ 8
Virtual Reality Glasses Box $ 2.95  $ 10


2. You know how to choose the best product

  • The product should not be fragile and easy to ship – Because we are going to be shipping products through the mail, you can avoid most headaches if you choose a product to sell that won’t break during shipment.
  • The product should not take up much physical space – Certain e-commerce business models require carrying inventory so it’s in your best interests to choose something small to sell and preferably an item that fits in a shoebox.
  • The product’s inherent value should be ambiguous – For example, I would never sell electronics because there is a set value for your goods that everyone is aware of. On the contrary, keepsakes and informational goods are much harder to place a price tag on.
  • The product should be timeless – Once again, I would never sell electronics because they lose value the longer they stay on the shelves
  • Avoid seasonal goods – In general, you don’t want to choose products that are only purchased during a specific time of year. For example, I would tend to avoid selling Halloween costumes.
  • Sell goods that sell from $15-200 – This is the sweet spot for pricing for online purchases.


Who can help to import products from China?

Having chosen a good product, the next step is how to ship the product to your country. You are so busy in opening the market, but who can help you import products from China?

1. China factory: If you have a long relationship with a factory, and they have the ability to export goods to your countries, once the bulk production finish, you China factory can help you ship goods to your destination directly.

This model is more for a traditional B2B business, that your product is single and stable in quantity.

2. Trading company: If your products in a certain field are fixed, you can choose a foreign trading company to help you import from China. For example, you should purchase, bags, shoes, clothes, socks, etc, your trading company can help you, but not electronic equipment.

3. Import from China agent: With the development of e-commerce, e-commerce sellers are emerging. Their products are various styles and need to be sourced from different platforms, also from different China channels, like China different wholesale market, exhibitions. Concerning this situation, you should hire a import from China agent to help you import from China.

Sourcing agent VS Trading company, which is better?



What is the cheapest way to import products from China?

1. Sourcing. You can search on Taobao, Tmall, JD, 1688 etc for the products you want, that’s the cheapest way, all you need to do is learn to shop online.

2. Payment. You can use Paypal, or wire transfer which preferred by many Chinese sellers.

3. Quality check. If you are doing small business, the products might come from different sellers from different provinces in China. If you ship them directly it is not only cost more shipping but also any quality guarantee. You need to find an agent check for you to save your time and money.

4. Packaging and shipping. If you have multiple vendors supply products and ship them respectively the shipping fee might be huge, you need a Chinese consolidation shipping service to help you repack all the packages to ship together to save package volume and shipping fee. Sometimes you need to strengthen the box before shipping to ensure the safety of goods.


How to import toys from China?

Many customers who import from China know that Chinese toys are very famous, according to the statistics, total annual U.S. imports of toys, dolls, and games from China in 2017 is 17.71billion U.S. dollars. What a huge number but how to import toys from China?

If you hire a sourcing agent: If you are a new seller that lack of importing experience, you can hire a sourcing agent to help you import toys from China, you don’t worry about anything, your personal agent can help you process everything. The most important you need to do is finding a reliable sourcing agent(RunSourcing), and leave this task to them, so you can focus on market development.

If you import goods by yourself: The most important thing you need to care is finding toys production base, to cooperate with directly China factories and save cost.

Chenghai, Guangdong Province—World’s Capital of Toys

You can go there to source products and suppliers, of course before your traveling, you can search online firstly.

The other important thing you should pay attention to is the payment method. I think you can check this article the important top 6 payment methods, then you can know how to choose the best one suit for you.

The important tips for top6 commonly used payment methods among foreign trade business



What are the best products to import from China and resell in Amazon?

Many of the importers that purchasing from China come from different e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon sellers, ebays sellers, wish sellers, etc. For them, how to choose the best product to gain more profts?

1.Sourcing niche products from the Amazon category tree

The great way to brainstorm for a niche is to use the Amazon Categories Tree. Almost all major retailers have some sort of category tree, but Amazon conveniently publishes theirs to be used by Third Party Sellers, listing over 13,000 potential categories to import from.

Amazon’s categories follow a certain hierarchy. For example, here’s the hierarchy for Rice and Potato Servers:Kitchen & Dining  /  Tableware  /  Flatware  /  Serving Utensils  /  Serving Spoons  /  Rice & Potato ServersI’ve seen some sites recommending new importers to look at Amazon’s first level categories (i.e. Kitchen and Dining) and looking for a product to import from this category. This is far too broad. You should narrow your niche down to a fifth level category or lower, i.e. Serving Spoons. This helps you to focus your area of expertise, and more importantly, most mass-market retailers will only stock 1 or 2 items in a fifth level category (if any) and therefore there’s a great opportunity to add variety to that category. 


2.Using Amazon research tools like Jungle Scount

Jungle Scout is by far the most popular sales estimation tool although lots of similar tools exist. Jungle Scout can give you fairly reliable sales estimates for most products that are fulfilled by Amazon.

This tool works great in categories with lots of optimized competitors but not well in un-optimized categories which is probably where you want to focus. concerning this situation, you have to learn to use other methods to estimate sales.



Importing from China is always a complicated and difficult thing. It may take you a lot of time in the early stage, but after you clear up the whole process, it will be easier to purchase from China in the future.

One of my clients said that it is better to catch the partners, which will make the business more smooth and efficient. Why don’t you consider handing over all these troublesome things to a Chinese agent, you just control them and then concentrate on developing the market to improve performance. Hope we can give you any helps through this article, if you have some questions please leave us a comment.


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