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Is Alibaba only for bulk?

Q: Is Alibaba only for bulk?   A: Absolutely No. With the development of small orders, many Alibaba sellers have reduced MOQ.In order to receive more business, conform to the trend of development, in addition to large orders, small orders they are also accepted....

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The Most Efficient China Sourcing Agent, China Buying Agent

In today’s global economy many businesses are looking for ways to source their products from overseas to be able to increase their profit margin. The only problem is, sourcing from overseas can be difficult and stressful, especially if you’re new to the process. If...

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What Is FOB Shipping And When to Choose?

FOB shipping is a shipping term that many customers may encounter. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Only by clearly understanding this shipping term can he avoid being cheated and ensure the smooth importing from China. It can be quite a tedious process when...

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How to wholesale toys from China?-RunSourcing

You may have imported many products from China, but wholesale toys are the first time. To be more safety and avoid wasting time and energy, you are still in the research stage, to find a safer and faster way to import and increase sales. Today we especially share for...

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Shipping from China to Amazon FBA:The most cost-effective way

The seller who imports from China to Amazon should have the same headache, that is, the freight from China to Amazon FBA accounts for a large proportion of the total cost. Saving this part of the cost is to increase the profit margin, which should be of interest to...

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Using TT payment: What you must know to reduce risk?

TT payment(Telegraphic transfer) is a method of payment known to importers in international trade. Many people think that wire transfer is the safest way of payment, compared with Paypal, western union and so on. But TT payment has its advantages and disadvantages,...

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How To Speed Up Delivery Time Of Chinese Factories?

Every customer who imports from China has a headache, which is the delivery time. Maybe the Chinese factories you met is constantly deceiving you. It is Christmas and your goods have not been delivered yet. Who will be responsible for the loss? So how can you speed up...

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Chinese sourcing VS Trading Company: What Is The Difference?

Many traditional customers know about the trading company and place order, but they are cheated head was broken and bleeding. They want to try Chinese sourcing but, because do not know clearly dare not start. Today we will help you comprehensively analyze the...

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When Should You Hire A Chinese Sourcing Agent?

Maybe you are a customer who has imported from China, sold on Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce platforms, or sold in brick-and-mortar stores. Recent troubles and difficulties are causing you headaches, and consider whether you need to hire a Chinese agent. When you...

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