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Is Amazon better safety than eBay?

Q: Is Amazon better safety than Ebay?   A: Yes, Amazon is safer. Because Amazon's threshold is relatively high, the sellers of Amazon are usually company or individuals with strength and rich experience in opening stores. And the goods sold are basically from the...

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Is Amazon a wholesaler or retailer?

Q: Is Amazon a wholesaler or retailer?   A: Amazon can do both wholesale and retail. From Amazon, you can choose 1 piece or 50 pieces even 100 pieces. Amazon can meet your requirements.   If you want to find a trusted sourcing agent, we can help you! RunSourcing is...

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Is Sourcing Agent Better Than Trading Company?

Q: China sourcing agent & Chinese trading company which is better? A: China sourcing agent and Chinese trading company both have owned its own characteristics and advantages. Can not say which is good, or which is not good, can only say which customer is suitable...

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What Amazon Sellers Must Know if Importing from Yiwu Market?

The China Yiwu market is booming, that thousand of Amazon and eBay sellers who import their commodities solely from Yiwu markets. But there are some points you must know about importing from Yiwu market, or it will waste your time and energy. A better understanding of...

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Supplier Scams in China: How to Get Your Money Back?

Both large and small businesses carrying out importation of goods all over the world get suppliers scams every day. This is not news since stories about this have been heard before. Herein is how to dispute with Chinese supplier to demand money back. Many people out...

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Where can you wholesale the best cheaper pen from China?

To reduce costs is to gain more profits. Many foreign sellers purchase products, such as wholesale pen from China, but they cannot find suitable and inexpensive goods. They are either cheated or buy a lot of inferior products at high prices. How to wholesale the best...

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What are the advantages of working with RunSourcing?

Q: What are the advantages of working with RunSourcing?   A: We can offer you 200% benefits that include: Transparent supplier information You can contact suppliers directly, we provide the whole contact information to you. All operations with suppliers are open and...

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What is a sourcing agent?

Q: What is a sourcing agent? A: A sourcing agent is a third party that assists the employer in all matters relating to the procurement of goods from the designated country. Its cheap, efficient, fast characteristics will continue to be more enterprises, many...

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