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How to find trusted buying agent in China?

A good buying agent would be a great contributor to your business success. Looking for a good buying client in China may prove to be challenging. Confidentiality matters a lot when working with an agent, The level of inconveniences caused by buying agents make it hard...

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Factory Audit: the great significance to big brand

Many suppliers failed to pass the factory audit, that they couldn't reach big brand companies and lost immeasurable value. Besides price and product quality, now factory audit has become a necessary factor in the business. But Why do big brand choose factory audit?...

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Can you provide me with a sample before mass production?

Q: Can you provide me with a sample before mass production? A: Yes We can. Generally, Chinese factories will make some samples before mass production, which are called pre-production samples. Send it to the customer to check whether it is correct. The factory will not...

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Are products produced in China of low quality?

Q: Are products produced in China of low quality?   A: Many foreign sellers consider the quality of Chinese products to be poor. That's not true.  Because of China's automated and efficient production system, as well as the wide variety of goods, cheap labor leads to...

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Is Dhgate Safe To Buy?

Is DHgate website safe?  Many people have doubts about China's DHgate website, issued such questions. Foreign customers may be very familiar with Alibaba and AliExpress website, But for DHgate website, many are discouraged. Today we're going to help you figure that...

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What’s the best wholesale website in China?

China has a lot of wholesale websites, you see already dazzling. Maybe what you need is the most reliable wholesale website that can help you solve the problems. It is a waste of your time to compare them one by one. Today we will help you out of this trouble and...

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