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Looking for TOP 10 China Purchasing Agent Review

Sourcing from China is a complex and time-consuming business, and many foreign customers may looking for purchasing agents to help them. But there are hundreds of China purchasing agents, large and small. How to choose a China agent, become a seller another headache....

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How to import the cheap products from China?

Many foreign sellers who import from China mainly focus on the variety of products and the cheap unit price brought by the cheap labor force in China. However, some foreign sellers are not familiar with the China market, that don't know where to buy cheap and...

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What is the process of sourcing?

Many foreign customers import from China through China agents. However, for many customers who just start to purchase through this form, the sourcing process is not very clear, and they do not know how their China agents operate the orders and whether they are worthy...

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Is it common to lose boxes during air freight?

Q: Is it common to lose boxes during air freight?   A: Yes, There is a risk of shipping by air freight. It's easy to lose the goods, and there's a possibility of damage. So when packaging must pay special attention to, multiple packaging.   If you want to find a...

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How to deal with Alibaba suppliers?

Alibaba is currently one of the top market places in the world. As such, their website is flooded with thousands of suppliers with different pedigrees. Some will deliver top quality goods, while others may just collect your money and deliver low-quality goods in...

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